dovpo vv box mod basium squonk nickel 230w topside dual review

Fold the superstructure is the latest vapeciga vv box mod, and two dual battery mod after Squonk Basium. They have existed for some years, but I have not personally tried many of their products – although I’ve reviewed your battery From up there one time, and I found it to be a good player. Again, this mod was designed by Brian of chronic steam also known as TVC, who designed a series atomizers fall.


The Dovpo Topside Dual is a dual mod rare 18,650 Squonk, valued at 200 watts with a good black and screen size blank on the front and, as was the case with the battery only Topside, which is designed to be filled from the party top without removing the bottle. It is available in 8 colors, all black on top and bottom.


This mod was sent to me by MyVpro waive the fee, which is currently available at a reduced price.


Price: $ 89.99 (in MyVPro)

Color: Black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple, gold, green



Batteries: 2 x 18650

Watt range: 5-200 watts

voltage range: 1.0 to 12 volts

Dimensions: 88.5 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm

Resistance range 0.08 3 ohms

Load: 5V / 2A


The contents of the kit

Topside double mod

Kit Squonk bottle (10 ml)

accessory bag

micro-USB cable

Warning card battery usage

user’s Guide

First impression

Dovpo x TVC superstructure double Squonk Mod

When I came to this mod, it was pretty much what I thought. After reviewing the original top, this battery is only twice the original version, which also means a little bigger. It is a little thicker for extra battery compartment, but beyond that, they are very similar. It comes with a firmware update is already installed all the way, and does not require an update to open the temperature control and otherwise, as was the case with the original superstructure.


Overall, I liked the design from scratch, since there are not many double-18650 Squonk mods commercially available. The latter only other thing I can think is topside squonk mod show new, double pulse, Dovpo Basium drones and of course much more expensive 250C.


quality construction and design

Dovpo x double TTopside Squonk Mod

The Dovpo mod superstructure is very well built and well designed that it is quite easy to hold in hand. It’s big and heavy, however, it is larger than most dual battery mods Squonk I use. This does not mind the size and weight of a person, but keep in mind for those who prefer a device that is smaller and lighter. In fact, every Squonk dual battery mod would be a bit just to be able to sign two batteries and bottles Squonk in it. The shape is very ergonomic and easy to Squonk with the middle finger and ring finger. It may even be in squonked vaping on it, the design is so great there. I have money and good color. It does not shine, but it’s not a good mat. It was somewhere between them and shows no signs of wear or chips. cap filled with striations Squonk has a nice texture to make it easier to unscrew and screw.


No squeaker keys at all in this mod. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with atomizers. 510 platform itself may be associated with the atomizer 25 mm without false quite easily with little or replacement. most of aerosols It is covered in the market and should not be a problem unless you want to use an RDA of 30 mm – which is rare for people to use and just today. the screen is nice and bright 0.96-inch black and white screen that is easy to read. The USB port on the side mod and fire buttons and dislocation. battery tray lock system is pretty standard background. Although I have a problem for the batteries and leave and not damaging the packaging, it is very difficult to open and close because the system bottles along the way. It should be easier to open and close, in my opinion.


Features and functions

Dovpo x TVC superstructure double Squonk Mod

In the menu system offers the following modes: power (no selection preheat) mode voltage, TC Ni200, Ti, and SS mode and TCR. It has all the basic mode, but no extras like power curve fashion would have been nice, but not a big problem. There is also the option “Statistics” from the menu showing you smoke puff number and time.


What distinguishes the competition mods share the superstructure is a monitoring mechanism, which was very comfortable and the like to fill the tank filling. A the same as the original, there is a knurled top and a good grip mod you need to unscrew. After opening the lid, shoot and has two holes to fill a good size for filling bottles. After filling, just press the cover into place and push down while screwing. Very convenient and much less messy than removing the bottles for filling.


Vapeciga basium squonk mod bottles larger than most 10 ml, but had some problems while using which speak in the next section.

The use of the superstructure Dovpo Ganda

Dovpo x TVC superstructure double Squonk Mod

The superstructure Dovpo double (unlike the original) of the box with all the features and modes. The menu system is very easy to use too.


5 Click the button to switch the fire on and off

Fire + adjust the power mode TC

Fire + down to go to the menu

+ Knob to lock up, but we can still pull the MOD

When in the menu, simply use the up and down to scroll and fire to accept. -Right well done menu system. In the electric mode, it moves through the full 100 watts and 0.5 watts least 100 watts, if done well. Holding up or down buttons to quickly adjust the power and back and Robbins.


Using mod for Squonk discovered I had a minor complaint, since it is difficult to see if the bottle is full. Viewable 75% down bottles through the cut, but not above it difficult to fill all the way unless you want to risk overfilling. Removing the bottle is pretty easy, but you have to open the battery block, which as I said, it’s not easy to do first. In addition, the bottle was placed in the holder, so that all the support is pulled, then remove the bottle for cleaning. We saw the same thing in media mods like Aspire Feedlink bottles and works well.


Squonking it gives me more trouble than the same origin. Squonks bottle is good when it is busy, but once you about half without RSS e-liquid on the same level. I had to push all the way and hand Squonk, and it was quite slow. This is unproblematic, but with bottles having a capacity of 10 ml You have about 5 ml squonking right until it begins to be annoying.


power mode performance

Dovpo x TVC superstructure double Squonk Mod

The evidence in this dovpo nickel 230w mod click in with Sony batteries VTC5A. They list the specifications to 200 watts and 12 volt, but there are limits below ampere. I hope that record a third because I feel every manufacturer should do. During my tests, achieving maximum is 232 watts, so the accurately assessed and be able to do a little more than 200 registered. I get the limit amplifier is 40 amps, which is at the top of most dual battery mods these days – mostly around 37-40. It was with the construction of 0.12 ohms to 195 watts, so thanks to a high-performance amplifier, you can access almost full 200 watts, even with such a low overall resistance.


I limit volts with a 0.61 Ohm coil is 11887, indicating that there is an amplifying circuit, since it must be based on their specifications. I see it as a bonus with a double mod battery because many of them do not have the amplification circuit; they are not as important as the mods for a single cell. Really limited by the power (232 achieved in the cellar), which could reach full maximum voltage of 12 volts. very good performance there.


The good thing about this mod, I’ve never been topped with a limiting amplifier volts or so I’m quite able to get a full watt with all my evidence that resistance from 0.12 to 0.61 ohms. During my tests, mod has done a great job not too hot. Even when pushed to its limits, he never had hot, very impressive. It is more accurate to 0.15 ohms or less and less than 100 watts – beyond which tends to hit high, so I recommend from about 10 watts lower than you normally do to compensate. He fought at all, is an impressive accumulation of 0.12 ohms. Overall it was a major player in the power mode.


temperature performance mode control

As I mentioned above, the double comes with a firmware update, which means that the TC mode is enabled on the table as it should be. I do all my tests with SS316 wire. For this model we tried six different construction:


round only a single coil

Single double coil tower

Luxury two single wire coil accumulation

A luxury building dual coil wire


full power is obtained to adjust the height as well and you can change the power and the use of shutter button. SS mode, is very weak and anemic, so it is not accurate enough to be used. So I went to fashion and TCR TCR 130 to rotate sufficient to obtain precisely where Vape heated to about 450 F. However, this does not mean it’s good. Still chokes the way back too hard to give a good vaporizer and little inconsistent in performance; I had to adjust the power of each of several aspirations to achieve the same breath just received. Unfortunately, so far, I have not used topside dual get code TC mod no DNA double battery that is good, and twice does not change that. No worse than any other affordable option, but unfortunately a mod I recommend the use of CT.


pros and cons

Good build quality

Many colors (8 in total)

Good paint job

unique design

Both high filling systems

No keys rattle

the operating mode of good energy

Large and fire buttons Clicky

Watt accurately assess

Great amp limit

Volt to accurately assess

Having the control circuit

large, bright display black and white

Handle 25 mm without overhang atomizers

Easy to use menu system

No curve selection mode or thermal watts

performance temperature control is not good

No Squonk and half-empty bottle

battery cover is difficult to open and close


Overall, Dovpo did a good job with this mod. It has a habit as most mods, because nobody is perfect, but it was a good performance in the power mode and I felt great that has the drive circuit. as well as the innovative filling method works well and allows filling faster and less messy Me.

This mod is not fancy and it was a great big and small could make some. But if you do not use temperature control and do not mind the size, this model is a good choice, but not much more than two or other solid Squonk 18650 mods available in the market.

What do you think top Ganda? Please let me know in the comments.

You can buy here:dovpo box mod

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Review of dovpo vape vv box mods squonk basium topside dual

Vapeciga squonk box spray is the latest producer Dovpo. I have a ton of their product, but as they do VV mod M a few years, and dead and double work mods Squonk superstructures were also very good, so overall a solid company formed my limited experience of the end.

D-salt is a capsule-type system with a simple pen refill pods and a 1500mAh battery built and breathe fire. It is available in 5 colors red, black, bronze, rainbow and blue. He looked around online price of around $ 30 for the kit and about $ 5 per pod, so the price is pretty standard.

Manufacturer Specifications:
integrated 1500mAh
output voltage of 3.0 to 4.2 V
port micro USB charging
1A load
in images, in pictures
Output depends on the battery
Max 26W Watt
integrated protection
Warning light
compact Memory Stick
zinc alloy construction
118 mm 22.2 mm
E-liquid window
510 Drip Tip Compatible
coil specification
0.5 ohm
single coil mesh
Juice silicone plug
Top filling
Included in the box:
A d-salt apparatus
Recharge the sheath
the User Guidelines
Micro USB cable

Travel Battery

Vapeciga vv box mods is a pen style AIO (all in one) Pod kit, which means no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things.It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in Caliburn as Renova or zero. Intelligent design is similar to the kit as GEMM freemax DTL your time affects most slightly larger MONODOSIS system than most, but I like the personal design. No adjustable air like most legumes so it’s not much but it’s nice when it comes to a choice. It has a standard capacity of 2 ml. Stored in the 1500mAh and are not adjustable output devices. It has a built USB charging with the level recorded 1A. I tried 2 times with the USB line and measure the price level for .91A Max specification is also good level 1A listed positions. It was a total cost of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Size solid 1428-1439 mAh battery with a 1500mAh note recorded. Damn good rank in the dovpo insurance. Pasarela vaping more (pass-through costs without any pause) If you can hit while charging. Another interesting feature is that a standard of 510 drops thus can use a tip itself, but as a suitable metal, including personnel.

The basium squonk shew new very well built, and a bit on the heavy side.

I know that black cats matte black body is a bronze piece of shiny metal. It is a device that is very nice and simple, the only complaint was the painting. Mine already has a lot of chips in just a few weeks of use. I can not imagine how it will be months from now. They must do a better job in the paint. The pods are easy to install and remove. In the blade tip 510 and just threaded the veil falls. It is held in place by the top cover is well done and had a good yarn. filling pretty basic. It’s like a rubber stopper style where just pop in and fill pods,

This usage is quite simple. There are no buttons or adjustments or not. Just breathe fire. Pinhole LED low battery LED below the USB port. I wish it were easier to see when vaping so the only time he has been active for the level of costs. Green LED to 3.95V to 3.65V or 3.65V to 3.95v blue and red or less. distance is generally good, but I hope you do not 4, but no big deal. pod, fortunately, delete and while it is fully enclosed in the battery is not good and juice large window that makes it easy for the level of jus so great to see.

performance and details of the coils

The dovpo vape mod get code comes with a 1 Pod is just sad.

All kits should always include two coils / sheath. I sent two sold in one package. There are options for this kit coil 0.5 ohm coils KA1 network. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20-25 mg of nicotine. That said, they are all great flavorwise. This is the first level devices with interesting flavors definitely a bit wider and Caliburn but then a narrow north. He is a coward tie MTL. life of the coil, however, was below par. I can get 14 ml 1 roll, but the other two only lasted me 6 ml. deducted from the additional deficit life 2 to 3 rolls them either though.

Colors (5 results)
Standard capacity 4 ml
good quality batteries
suitable size for easy portability
a solid record for battery size
Good rating for the level of costs
the cost is quite fast (1: 45min)
Pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill
vaping gateway
excellent battery life
a good sense coils
clear and beautiful juice pod window
standard tip 510 drops
March 2 coils have a shorter life than the coil
It led difficult to see when vaping for battery life
equipped with a coil only
bad paint job
So, with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like loud or not, that’s what I need to 50/50. My two biggest complaints was the second of three coils have a lower life expectancy. If it lasts a good three I leaned a little closer. The other is the paint job. It’s pretty bad. And splintered. Not a terrible device, even if I had a lot of them are pretty solid overall, but not worth running to buy.

I will not add to me dovpo topside dual click in associated spreadsheet below, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me Dovpo

Disclaimer comments
Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a review from the end of 2016 freezer and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be full at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are presented in my opinion.

You can buy here:dovpo vape

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Review of dovpo mod m vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside

Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. Today I’m going to box mod by vpeciga Dovpo squonk mod. Squonker successful tape mechanics, Squonk remove the bottle, hybrid and what do you get? The clutch …

the clutch is what you get. The system is basically like taking advice signing of SQ217 and turn it into a compact mechanical mod. I’m a fan of SQ series devices, so I have to say something that excites me a little. I’ll take a look under the hood, see how it goes, and I’ll give you the advantages, disadvantages and down ole baik’OVEN test. Let’s get right to it?

CAUTION: This unit was sent to me by Dovpo for review.


mod mechanical coupling

Available in black, green, blue and red.

Dimensions: 79.5mm x 35mm x 27mm
Battery: One 21700
power range: Techniques

Other features: on / off switch custom buttons consultancy (SQ Topside style)

Since DNA75C smart long standing, I feel and I am her. This is more or less an abstract, so let’s go from beginning to end how to operate it.

Part 1 – Bay battery – vapeciga dovpo m vv is behind the magnetic attachment to the door. SQ Same as previous devices, remains firmly in place and twisting machine when installed. The only it appears batteries easily and do not have toys. To remove, just to the side of the back door so you can get to the other side.

PART2 – atomizers and 510 – This unit can handle up to 27 mm without cantilevered atomizer. 510 presents a large plate with a plate spring 510 is loaded with single screws and motors. No atomizers treatment of all problems should be at the same level in place. Atomizers small plate size 24 mm light exposure, but is mostly hidden.

Part 3 – Operation – As I said right away, I will not delve into that much chip. 5 clicks of the shutter lock and unlock the device. Three clicks strengths screen so you can navigate and make changes. Finally, it is a DNA chip to connect to a computer, you can adjust Dang near the screen and settings. This is a chip that is intense and deep that most people just use the tip of the iceberg.


Ok, so my first impression will be the same as those who have had, but go … it is compact. Even the box it came smaller than some of the nacelle systems received. As I said in the introduction, due to erase some SQ squonking and go to the hybrid, the shorter is high, and depth, is one of, if not the only mechanical model 21700 there. Beyond measure, I think the quality of the overall development is top notch as well. strong body, strong magnetic doors and gates integrate perfectly still hold at all. As I walked through the door, I seem to have added a few touches as well. A 3d printed battery sled, which is where the bus, battery and carefully place instead of the switch. PEEK insulation also added on top, even if the atomizer to remove the battery, it is difficult short of the body of the device. This is a key factor when I enter this use, and well thought his idea. Another thing that caught my attention was a little on / off at the rear. Blocking the generation of the light bar and allows you to shoot clutch pocket without bothering shot. Small details make a lot, so a simple device that is much more convenient and secure. SQ217 as a fan, I could not be more impressed by what they do to keep it compact, but still has all the great qualities we see in the SQ mods.


If you used the basium vape show new, knows that run button trigger finger style slot set in the device. Mod because so compact, I think I’m not fully grasp mod as it did before.

Mino usually busy with three fingers and thumb in the throat at the back, not the palms. I’m a bit strange in the beginning, but it becomes second nature to use. Button still retains the feel is very similar to SQ mods, but now has a flat bar on top of the assembly 510 squonking. It has a large flat surface, providing a solid formation to find that the button is pressed. This tension is similar to the SQ button too, so if you’ve used one, you get very familiar.

Not like the way this is all hybrid connections. To use it correctly and I recommend that involves no tears Mend previous atomizer batteries, which in turn allows the battery to fall substantially, or can help push through a mod. Remember PEEK insulation of the above? This is where it is a key, such as the battery can move freely up and down without having to worry about shorting mod. This design works well, however, is also one of the waterfalls. According to the use of sprays and length of 510 pins, the amount of energy change which is between 510 and negative battery contacts on the bottom. The use of atomizers 510 again, this puts more pressure on the bottom bar of silver. Using the most widely used and ultimately be ruled out. Mike dizzy himself even posted a video showing how users bend the top of the bar to set the time for it. On the other hand, if the sprayer is used with a short pin 510 battery can be out the door and toys lost in bits. bar burn care about him and that lasts longer. It works great and all, but it looks like it could have something different has been done for the adjustment. I can see that the bar has been weakened over time if the machine is widely used. Finally, only interrupted when the metal can not be folded back and forth long slide.

Final reflection / HOW fried

Ok, so in turn the most important aspect of any device, and talk about performance. In all honesty, I would find it difficult to fit a mechanical device hit 21,700 and compact. I use it all the time mechs and continues with devices that cost three times more. It is efficient, compact, and has more advantages than disadvantages. First Pro, which is a measure. Very handy to throw in your pocket, and means remain in garrison, no matter where you put it. Secondly, it is the details that involve safety. PEEK insulator is a nice touch, but it has an on / off switch is a great victory. I wear axis because I always felt there was an opportunity to enjoy a pocket with 99% of them. These slippers, throw it in your pocket, and you’re good to go.

Another advantage is the quality. I always feel dovpo nickel 230w mod click in have some form and finish of the aluminum engine devices, but this is up to them all the qualities to do is mass produced in China. Dovpo really stepped up their game with the department and it shows.

Last Pro is a vaporizer overall experience. As I said immediately beaten. I do not feel a great tension and fall flat appearance. However, although it has some great benefits, there are some things that need to be addressed. First, it is the way running hybrid connection. atomizer must be loosened to remove the batteries. Of course, you could push through, but you can get the tears did. Second, the private-ness (is that word?) Of the battery it depends on the length of the atomizer 510 and, sometimes, even if used spray can begin to cover all buses and separate. Of course, some folded holding for now, but it seems this requires a long-term problem and can lead to a total failure on the road. With the last thing I want to talk about ergonomics. It is not practical for use as mods SQ. With less depth to handle the full mod, now I’m done more subtle (little finger out!). This is not a deal breaker because it becomes second nature, but certainly not suitable for use.

Ok, so there are advantages and disadvantages, but the drawback is, for me, acting like a deal? Absolutely not. I really enjoyed using this mod. It is one of the few mechanical modifications to leave the house and feel safe. The compact size is a curse and a gift, so a little weird, but it will be a great victory in portability. However, the most important thing is that he is performance. This surprising result is good and I use it all defects seem to hit a bottom in my mind. If that’s not enough, add security features make it one of the best mechanical mods for someone who wants to enter them without spending a lot of money either. Well done Mike Dovpo and fried. This is a sweet little device.

TEST FOUR – If you accidentally falls into the pizza oven, I’ll get another? Definitely get another. No question.


lightweight design
21,700 batteries
FITS 25 / 26mm without false
Press strong feeling
Safety switch on / off
Useful easy to clean
Hits hard (for example klise’cara)
Great fit and finish


busbar connections hybrid drive (described above)
Ergonomics is a bit strange

Thank you all for reading and thanks for sending topside get code a way for me to review. I saw it online for about $ 90.

David Pizza – features reviews real additional ingredients

Review Criteria: I use all elements for about two weeks, I collected enough data to write quite critical. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through all my criticisms to make apples to apples all modern appliances. I put a notice until I am convinced that I used it enough to give an educated critic. The reason I started doing reviews because of bad decisions in my time buying vaping there about two years. At that time, I bought a few different pieces of hardware without a lot and hope that people spend their hard earned money so smarter than me! **** Please note that some items that can get the preliminary version and not the packaging of retail. Quality can be less than the finished product and what is in the package might be different from the packaging and retail

You can buy here: dovpo mod

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