Can Vape really help us quit smoking?

In the documentary, two behavioral scientists Paul Evyard and Peter Hajek from Oxford University and Queen Mary University of London led a small 4-week experiment.

Twenty-six smokers who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day were divided into four groups: one group was forced to quit smoking avp vv vw mod kits, one group used nicotine patch to help quit smoking, one group smoked Vape, and the last group served as a control group and continued to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Four weeks later, two of the 7 people in the mandatory smok cessation group successfully quit smoking; a total of 8 people in the nicotine patch group, of which 7 had quit cigarettes; the Vape group had the same smoking cessation results as the nicotine patch group.

Compared with the physical examination data of the subjects before the experiment, except for the control group who continued to smoke, the health indicators of the other three groups were significantly improved, and in the airway resistance test kangboro, the improvement of the nicotine patch group was greater than that of Vape Group, which means that the former breathed easier after the experiment.

The experiment concluded: Vape’s smoking cessation effect is not ideal, nor is it the only option timesvape.

In fact, the current research results are not consistent.

A paper on JAMA in 2014 stated that through a longitudinal analysis of two online surveys of 949 smokers every other year, the success rate of Vape users in quitting smoking did not increase e-liquid, and there was no reduction in cigarette consumption.

In 2015, a research report in the Chinese Journal of Clinicians pointed out that after using Vape, 8.3% of smokers had quit smoking, and 47.1% of smokers had reduced cigarette smoking.

A friend who has quit smoking once told me that if you quit smoking, you can quit your physical addiction, but the difficulty is the psychological addiction, that is, the psychological emptiness that a cigarette can satisfy.

Therefore Obs, the BBC documentary has explained that quitting psychological addiction depends on perseverance and determination, that is, compulsion. Vape is at best a substitute for cigarettes, and it is difficult to have much effect.

At present, even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also ambiguous about this.

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