Comment about vape battery smok nord rpm80 coils mag p3 trinity alpha nfix kit

Vapeciga smok nord starter kit one sheath monster with a 7.5 ml capacity and 18,650 dual battery. But it’s too much? RPM160 deepen all Smok this test and more information.


This product has been delivered to Smok kind of generosity for the purpose of impartial examination. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this gifted as an examination of the sample.


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Undoubtedly Smok RPM160 is a monster of a gondola from the unit. Although 18,650 has a dual battery and high capacity E-liquid 7.5 ml. Is this a sign that things are changing in the world of the sheath system Smok RPM160? But RPM160 all the air? Let’s take a closer look at a review of Smok RPM160.


The contents of the box

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see included with the kit Smok RPM160.


Smok RPM160

Smok apparatus RPM160 1x

Pod RPM160 Smok 1x 7.5 ml (2 ml TPD)

2x 0.15Ω mesh coil RPM160

1x Micro USB Type B

1x user manual


Although the shape is unusual, show new smok rpm80 pro coils surprisingly slim and stylish look as well as panels carbon fiber false. Despite weighing 120 g without the battery while in the hands of robustness plastically RPM160 denied. Although ergonomics rests comfortably lines in nets in hand. Also, I liked the form factor RPM160.

While the front fascia consists of large panels carbon imitation ordered set of pages and buttons sounds are both sensitive and convenient for ease of use.

As it expected pod smok mag p3 click in own well trained and trained PCTG a little dark. However, judging by the level of e-liquid is very good. Pod also has an integrated advanced drop by drop, drops tip are easy to use and perfectly balanced with the coil enclosed mesh 0.15Ω.


In addition, the fill hole on the rear of the gondola is a good size with marks easy filling rotary seal. But while removing the seals, if the car is driven you can also leave the back of the housing and land on the floor. sheath remains robust in use and rock solid when pushed forward.

Vapeciga smok trinity alpha battery replacement definitely super easy filling, filling holes with good size and joints are twisted way. In addition, the filling holes placed on the back, there is no need to remove pod for a refill. However, the location of charging holes can cause problems. Moreover, if pushed behind the pods, they can be pushed out of the device and landed on the ground. Therefore, put a finger on the back of the nacelle to support the opening and filling the sheath 2 in kind.




Despite the absence of airflow was established in Smok RPM160, air flow providing vape loose DTL. But the flow of air sucked from the front and back of very soft products vaporizer. Interestingly Smok RPM160 much quieter because the larger air flow.

Although the chipset CI-160 has a response time of 0.001s, I do not have the means to test. But I can say that the response time is very fast without visible delay. Moreover smok nfix kit price get code offers the following levels of protection.

Low battery (Overvoltage protection) – block-level battery has dropped to a point of no return.

Ohm too low – cut Security.

Ohm is too high – security court.

PCBA too hot – high temperature protection, both the protection of the electronic card and battery.

Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental firing continued.

Interestingly, there is no protection reported for USB. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.



Specifications RPM160 Smok

Dimensions 28.2mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 125 mm (H) (peak Inc dropwise)

output power range 5W – 160 W

output voltage 0.5 – 8.2V (unselected)

battery type and quantity 2x 18650

Marco mod materials – Plastic Terminals – PCTG

Resistance range 0.1 – 2.5Ω

Weight 120 g (excluding batteries)


Undoubtedly, there is little to complain with Smok RPM160. Moreover, the only problem was the original car, if it is pushed too long to recharge.



No doubt many will Smok RPM160 early as redundant. However, the economy, along with a replaceable battery makes RPM160 18650 fun to use. However, multiple coils is with RTA sheath from which RPM160 starts to make sense. In addition, the form factor RPM160 Smok with your back flat and not just lines RPM160 networks are pleasing to the touch. But perfect to sit comfortably in a jacket pocket or hip support custom or belt. Along with good taste and longevity of 0.15Ω RPM160 coil, which Smok RPM160 related to a hit with many.



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Thanks you Smok

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