How to enjoy Vaping

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are also popular because of their stylish appearance. However, it seems that some beginners cannot use it well, because there is a knack for sucking when using VAPE. Therefore, here are some tips on how to suck when using VAPE.

First, look back! The basic way of smoking electronic cigarettes (VAPE)

Vape has a head called a dripper. It depends on the type of VAPE, but when using it, please basically hold the dripper and press the power button as is (myblu does not have a power button, so just hold the dripper and suck to turn on the power. Input). Then, the liquid will be heated by the internal coil and will produce flavored water vapor, so let’s inhale it. This is the only step, but if you are a beginner, you may not be able to smoke well, so be sure to pay attention to the details.

I don’t smoke well! Problems that easily occur when smoking electronic cigarettes (VAPE)
If you feel uncomfortable to use, there may be a problem with how to suck it rather than the VAPE itself. Before you suspect that the electronic cigarette (VAPE) is malfunctioning, please check for common problems and worries. In addition, please note that even if you find it strange, if you continue to use the product, it may cause malfunctions.

There is a “jurujuru” voice
If you hear a “piercing” sound when trying to breathe in steam, you need maintenance. The reason is that the liquid is condensing. The steam returns to the liquid in the air channel, so it cannot be well inhaled and produces noise. As a countermeasure, please remove the atomizer from the MOD and blow it up from the cigarette holder. The liquid  is discharged and the cigarette holder is cleaned.

Low smoke/no
Even if you try to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE), if the amount of steam is small, you will not be able to fully enjoy its flavor. In this case, it is suspected that the liquid may not be heated. Older coils are less likely to transfer heat and reduce the amount of water vapor. It is best to use it as a guide when you need to replace it. In addition, even if the steam has stopped, if the power is turned on, there is a danger of “air combustion”. Even in the case of very little liquid, if the atomizer is forcibly heated, the main body will break, so if you feel there is a problem, stop the operation and check the situation.

The atomizer is hot
When first used, the atomizer will get hot. In other words, if you feel “warm” and the heat builds up to the point that it is difficult to maintain, there may be a problem. Even if it does not contain liquid, the atomizer can become overheated in the “empty” state of heating. Therefore, please check the remaining amount of liquid.

Depending on the product, the electronic cigarette (VAPE) may splash a little, but if it appears frequently, it may not be the correct size. If the distance between the mouth and the coil unit is too close, you can solve the problem by choosing a larger VAPE or lengthening the dripper. In addition, too much liquid supply may cause vape-type electronic cigarettes (VAPE).

Smoking is more comfortable! Tips on how to smoke electronic cigarettes (VAPE)

With a little ingenuity, you can use VAPE more comfortably. From here, I will introduce the tips on how to smoke.

Prepare and set up correctly
Unlike ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) require maintenance to continue using them for a long time. Specifically, before aging, the coil should be replaced after about 2 to 3 weeks. In addition, please clean the water tank with liquid regularly. In addition, before use, make sure that each component is firmly inserted and fully charged.

Slow down sucking
If you use VAPE like a cigarette, you may feel that the taste is unsatisfactory because the liquid has not evaporated sufficiently. Slowly smoke electronic cigarettes (VAPE). If you are still not satisfied, you should use the type with more water vapor.

Pay attention to the time to press the button
If the coil is heated for a long time, the amount of steam will increase over time. Therefore, many VAPE users are accustomed to holding down the button for a long time. However, these actions will overload the atomizer and increase the risk of malfunction. In addition, symptoms such as shortening the life of components such as coils and making them more prone to air heating are more likely to occur. Don’t press the button for too long, and make sure you don’t press the button before you don’t smoke.

Wait for a while until the next smoke
In order to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) for a long time, it is important to reduce the burden on the host. After use, please wait for the next use. It is not recommended to smoke like regular cigarettes. If you smoke at a fast pace, you will not be able to enjoy this flavor, so please use the interval carefully to avoid the load being concentrated on the coil and other parts in a short time. If you really want to use it in a short time, it is important to keep the load as low as possible, for example two loads.

Whether to collect the smoke in the mouth or put it in the lungs
The reason for pressing the button for a long time or trying to smoke ijoy vape pod continuously may be because of the prejudice of “cigarette smoke entering the lungs”. The smoke of electronic cigarette (VAPE) is water vapor, which is a product with flavor, so just storing it in the mouth is enough to enjoy its taste. If you do not want to inhale a lot, the burden on the host will be further reduced.


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