Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Vape

I think the pros and cons of switching from cigarettes and heated cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are worthy of attention. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the popular electronic cigarette (VAPE) in recent years. If you want to try electronic cigarettes (VAPE) from now on, please refer to it before buying.

First of all, what is an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

Even if you have heard the term electronic cigarette (VAPE), many people may not understand its true meaning. Therefore, first, I will briefly introduce electronic cigarettes (VAPE). What is an electronic cigarette (VAPE)? A luxury item used to heat a fragrant liquid called a flavoring agent to taste the steam produced. Since tobacco leaves are not used, nicotine and tar are both zero, the impact on health is very low, and there is no peculiar smell. By the way, the word VAPE is called derived from the English word “vaporizer”, which has a meaning similar to vaporizer or vaporizer. Coupled with its stylish appearance, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have quickly become popular among overseas celebrities such as Japan and Hollywood stars, as well as Japanese celebrities and celebrities. Due to the rising price of tobacco and the fact that it can be used near non-smokers without worrying about sidestream smoke, this kind of tobacco is expected to become more widespread in the future.

What are the benefits of using electronic cigarettes (VAPE)?

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have many advantages. If you want to know if you want to change cigarettes, let us first check the benefits.

No matter where you smoke, you don’t need an ashtray

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) do not require ashtrays because they do not produce cigarette butts. In addition, since it is not a tobacco product, it is not subject to the revised “Health Promotion Law” and has the advantage that it can be used in more places than cigarettes. The number of restaurants that announce the use of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is gradually increasing.

Can be used without worrying about the so-called “tobacco smell”

One of the characteristics of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is that not only nicotine but also tar is zero. Tar is a substance that causes the peculiar smell of tobacco, but it is not contained in vape liquids. It is difficult to smell in your clothes, room or car, and you can use it without hesitation at home, at work or with friends who do not smoke.

You don’t have to contaminate your room or teeth with tar

The tar contained in tobacco not only causes odor but also pigmentation. When you smoke, you may find that your teeth are yellow or the walls of the room may turn yellow. Yellowing of the teeth can make the impression of the first meeting worse, and treatments such as whitening may be needed to improve the condition of the teeth, so it is important to prevent pigmentation. In this regard, zero-emission electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can be used with confidence without worrying about pigmentation.

Very economical in the long run

If you buy a new electronic cigarette (VAPE), you need to prepare the main body, liquid, maintenance tools, etc., so many people will find it expensive. However, once the host is purchased, only a small amount of liquid is required per month. For example, with my blu TM, you can purchase a pack containing two 1.5ml fragrant pods, which can be smoked 300 times at a price of 920 yen. My Blu-ray TM is a POD type VAPE, so it does not require maintenance. Apart from this seasoned pod, there is basically no other cost. In addition, you can also get a starter kit that includes the main body and flavored pods for 2,700 yen, so the initial cost is not high. In the long run, it turns out that electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are more economical than cigarettes.

Can also be used as non-smoking/smoke reducing items

For those who wish to graduate from cigarettes and want to reduce smoking, it is recommended to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE). First, the electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquid sold in Japan does not contain nicotine, so by using it as a substitute for paper-wrapped cigarettes, it helps reduce smok. If you use tobacco or menthol-based liquids, you will feel like you are smoking. The reasons why you can’t stop smoking are “the effects of nicotine” and “psychological problems like wanting to smoke and feeling lonely”, so electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can also be used to eliminate these problems.

Enjoy the flavor that suits your taste and mood

Today, it is said that there are countless liquid flavoring agents. You can try different flavors, and the advantage of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is that you can buy a variety of flavors and change the liquid according to your mood. Using my blu TM above, as of August 2019, you can purchase all 11 flavors limited to Japan, including ice berry and rich menthol.

What are the disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes (VAPE)?

The disadvantages should be confirmed together with the advantages. Here, we will introduce the shortcomings of ordinary electronic cigarettes (VAPE).

Due to the main body’s purchase cost, short-term use is expensive

As mentioned above, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have an initial cost because you must first purchase the main body and some maintenance tools. If you give up using electronic cigarettes (VAPE) because “paper cigarettes are good”, the cost will be high.

Some items require time and effort to charge and maintain
Since the electronic cigarette (VAPE) is heated by electricity, it needs to be pre-charged like a heated cigarette. Nowadays, there are some products that can be charged via USB, such as personal computers. You can charge them on the go, but the disadvantage of this is that the charging time is too long. In addition, some electronic cigarettes (VAPE) may feel uncomfortable if they are not regularly maintained, such as changing cotton or liquid-soaked coils.

Where can i buy

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