pod relx cigarette airistech herbva xoil vaporizer review

Get people airistech herbva x good in the arteries directly for an honest opinion. While MTL devices generally makes me curious because it seems a billet Fund applicable to more than $ 250 and there is some time in fashion, even clones are expensive.

Although it is already available in some online stores their best price I could find was $ 33.35 for pre-order in FastTech: FastTech – Gadgets and electronics, and here’s a tip for faster delivery to addresses in the United States through FastTech, choose USPS first class Mail through (you must click on the “+ more options” to find options Hong Kong)


Available in gray, red and black


What is included:


AIO PAL airistech with coils installed LQC 0.70 ohms

1 replacement coils LQC 0.70 ohm

1 cup replacement

replacing 4 O-rings

user’s Guide

quality control certificate

Warranty card



3 ml capacity (tested with a syringe)

Tilting 510 drops

coil supports Aspire Nautilus BVC

1200 mAh battery with built-in intercom load

The output voltage depending on the battery level of 4.2 V to 3.2 V

protection circuit overload and short overheating

H 79 mm (91 mm tip dropwise included) x 19mm x 47mm D W

141 grams a tank full of juice



First impression


Right out of the box took a bit AIO is a good size as a deck of cards. shutter button is in an ideal location for the thumb of a fire and use of tip standard 510 drops so that after testing a drip tip included for a while I turned for Dotmod council correspond to favorite friction drops.


A second removable panel:


The panel held by the magnet holding up well, but not so hard that the panel is difficult to remove. It supply button panel is very safe, but the opposite side has a small play if inadvertently moves up / down and side to side. While the kit does not feel Rattle and solid together. I accidentally dropped on the floor and about 3 feet and no damage that I could see, the panel was still too much.


mention is made of the exchange of the commission has not seen for replacement panels pre-order for now, but if released can then comb.


To fill otherwise have to lie on his back and slide glass with the thumb. Make sure inch glass are drying times, which can be a pain to open at the beginning, but it will be much easier with time. I found it to be a first PITA time went to fill, after a piece of rubber used to get a handle on the top glass slide.


Changing excitation coil must remove the tip of drops and using a coin to rotate the tip falls low.


From there, the pee out of the room until he falls in hand stirring.


Then remove the glass and a small fireplace separates the coil for removal from the room.


Not much to it, just 5 clicks on and off and press the button for easy vaporizer, FO sheezy.


VAPING coils comprising LQC 0.70 ohms


I’m not a big fan of MTL, but sometimes they are a smart way to go if you do not come … clouds blowing discounts fat. I tried a number of decent way and always found the flavor to be less than excellent RDA RTA or even deposit ohms. PAL airistech as the first puff I thought it taste better than others I tried MTL kit. I would not say OMG …… TASTE OF BOMB but for me it was more fun than I expected compared to some of my experience of MTL.


I usually try and evaporator coil until it is time for a change so I can comment on the life of the coil, but after a month of the coil is still strong. Not much to filling the capacity of which I checked the hell of 3 ml syringe lasts a long time, I arrived about 5 to 6 tank fulls 4 weeks tried to eat, but I did before.


Vaping coil Aspire Nautilus BVC


blood spool to the left, right coil Aspire Nautilus BVC


I went in search of the coil to see what the replacement cost, is that are the same as the coil oil vaporizer usability Lady Q and found it here for only $ 6.95 per pack 5: Arterial Lady Q coil replacement – Package 5 | Replacement coils | VaporBeast


Most importantly, at the least, I think, is that it is also compatible with the coil Aspire Nautilus BVC which is already available, in fact, I checked my coil son and low and behold I had left 2 uses 1.8 ohms me with Nautilus turn my day.


BVC coil raw Nautilus with some salt juice I NIC is loaded with juice and wait 5 minutes. The first shot was pretty good, hit both …… anything, try again and I 3 red lights, thinking hmmmm, maybe the cost is in order. After about an hour, fully loaded, so try and yes, it works fine for the first 3 shots then oh no, 3 flashing lights again ….. Dang. owner verification is manual and 3 red lights is said atomizer means not connected. Coil removed and checked to make everything seem correct and try again a few puffs and dance ……… 3 red lights flashing again ….. I can make it work for new mod I plug in abundant, but after a few puffs red lights. I thought, good, bad coil but fortunately I had once. Installed and this waiting time 20 minutes to allow the juices soaking and after testing the same curse, did not become PAL PAL to the coil Aspire BCV I, working at times, but is frustrating. I really want to see another or the user account using the coil Aspire Nautilus BVC with PAL airistech, I can blame, but I can review what I have been sent. Fortunately LQC coil replacement is cheap and works perfectly in the kit PAL will never be blocked or 3 flashing lights when in use.




Pleasant to the touch and feels solid

button on the wholesale placement for shooting mother

with sophisticated 510-drops

good taste

passthrough support

excellent battery life

Aspire Nautilus BVC coil support (not shown me)




Opening for filling very hard in the beginning, it would be better over time if

My sample does not match the new brand Aspire Nautilus BVC two different rolls

Some play on the side panel for charging, you should try very well, almost tricked me




While MTL vaping is not my favorite way to vape enjoy my time with all relx cigarette in the kit. Now I’m not going to lie and say that I won and is now a way of life ……. MTL Nop. MTL has the advantage that if all when you do not want to be the shower nozzle and annoy a lot of people with a big cloud. Come on people, even if I hate it when someone came in a crowded place and clouds blowing in a group of non vapers, making us all look like a penis.


I see Arteria PAL stored at several sites $ 50, if you ….. some not call it cheap, call recording ……. like me, the best price I’ve found so far is the pre-order at $ 33, 35 sent here. replacement coils $ 6.95 here. Price recommend Arteria PAL AIO kit for those who like MTL vaporizer think it’s a solid package. If you do not Vaper MTL Ehhhhh then I do not think it will change you, it’s just a preference and do what you do if you do …. pretty confident Confucius say or I could be wrong.


Blood thank you send me a PAL test kit. I’m always interested in trying new things and I’m grateful for the experience.


Thanks Heaven gifts

You can buy it here: pod relx


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