Vaporizer Kits For the Best Vaping Experience

Vaporizing e-juice has become very popular in the world today. A lot of vapers have started to use these kits to help them improve their lifestyle by allowing them to enjoy tasty and refreshing juices on a very convenient method. You can choose from the various vaporizing methods like the standard electronic mod or the innovative vaporizers like the Juulizer or the vape Kits. There are numerous vaporizers available today which come with great features. You may check out some Vaporizers reviews before you decide to purchase a specific kit or a vaporizer for yourself. The vaporizers are quite safe if used properly but you need to know what is in the kit before buying one for yourself.

vape kits

The two most popular vaporizing apparatus include the Juulizer and the Vapes. Both gadgets utilize the standard electronic cigarettes but they have unique qualities that make them superior to each other. The standard electronic cigarettes and the Juulizer will not burn out because they operate using nickel cadmium or ceramic. It has been found that vaporizing using the Smok Stick Max starter kit is the best because it is the first vaporizer to utilize the patented leak proof atomizer technology.

One might think that the new advanced vapers like the Juulizer or the Vapes are far behind the standard electronic cigarettes. But they are far ahead. The reason why they are ahead is because of two main factors. First, the standard electronic cigarettes do not have atomizer technology which the advanced vaporizers possess. It is because they use electrical resistance to heat up the liquids which is much safer than the standard devices.

The second advantage which the advanced vapers have is that they are much more cost effective than the standard kits. This is because they have a higher wattage and lower price. The reason why the prices are lower is because the vaporizer starter kit and the e-juice starter kit are manufactured in very large quantities.

So what should you look for in the best vape kits? First, the vaporizer should be FDA approved. This means that it has been tested and meets all of the guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. This is the only way that you will be completely safe and completely satisfied with your purchase.

Secondly, the best vaporizer and e-juice starter kits are made in the United States. The American government is very concerned about vaporizer health risks. They have set up a special body called the Center for Tobacco Control which focuses on vaporizer research and regulation. So you will not see any fake FDA products or counterfeit products in the United States.

Finally, advanced vapers like to add extra components to their kits. They love extra batteries and chargers. In order to maximize your safe usage, you should always make sure you have these things in your kit. If you do not, you should look for a kit that will allow you to upgrade when necessary. You do not want to be stuck with a $30 battery if you bought a vaporizer that could last up to a year!

The final thing that you should consider is the strength of the batteries and the voltage of the device. The strongest battery that you can get will usually be able to give you the optimal amount of vapor production. Also, the wattage will be what powers your heating system. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the heating system can get. So if you are only getting a hundred wattage, then you can probably get away with using a lower wattage, lower temperature heating system, but if you are getting a two thousand-watt kit, then you should look into getting an electronic melting furnace so that you can reach higher temperatures with less hassle.

Vaporizers For the Subscriber With a Passion

Vaping is an increasingly popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. It is a relatively low risk method of quitting smoking, because you never inhale any smoke from the cigarette. By simply putting the e-juice into your vaporizer, you can get a nice, quick hit of “hydronic” or electronic flavored vapor to help ease your transition to non-smoking. You can buy a wide range of vaporizers at online vapor shops. Below is a review of two popular vaporizers: The Vaporizer Juice Guide and the Smoker’s Donut

The Vaporizer Juice Guide is a comprehensive, multi-page, all inclusive vaporizer manual. It provides a detailed overview of vaporizer components, how to care for them, maintenance, replacement coils and other issues vital to the proper functioning of a vaporizer. Its simple text style is easy to read and the included diagrammatic pictures to help clarify any point. This guide is extremely informative. For example, we can learn that the glass or ceramic plate that goes into a certain model will break if it is not cleaned properly, we can learn that certain parts are fragile and should not be put in direct heat, and we can learn that heating the coils in certain models can destroy their internal chemical structures.

The Smoker’s Donut Mod is a sleek stainless steel, professional looking, quality box mod. It has a two minute heat up time, and an adjustable airflow control. It looks professional and has two sets of replacement coils so that you can go from normal to deep vaping without changing the coils. It comes complete with a carrying case. It is definitely an item to keep on hand.

We also reviewed the Pulse Smart Vaporizer above, and its main selling points are its easy portability and quality build. The IQV3 is also very portable, and the quality of the build seems to be very good. The real draw back for some consumers may be it’s lack of temperature control. However, the manufacturer promises full temperature control, which may make it too hot for some buyers who like to customize their own vaporizing experience.

Another top selling vaporizer that we reviewed was the Madcap Vaporizer. This is one of the very few vaporizers with a rechargeable battery, and it has a quality build and great features. The prices start at around $150, but they can get very expensive when you add on accessories like the power cord and the replacement coils. The biggest draw back to this vaporizer may be the batteries need to be replaced regularly.

We reviewed some starter kits for the best Vaping available on the market. The best kit we tested offers two tanks, a stainless steel base, and three interchangeable clear quartz filters. The tank holds three individual beads, which can then be replaced with larger beads that create your vapor. The bases come in a variety of sizes, depending on how much room you have. You can find starter kits in different weight capacities, too, so you can choose the tank that will give you the slowest atomizing time for your specific needs.

Other kits include a sub-ohm tank, which you can use with either one or two coils. This gives you the ability to build up your vapor gradually, so you don’t get a rush of flavor from the initial draw of the coil. The most important thing to consider about these kind of starter kits is you’ll want to make sure they are made of high quality materials. Some of these tanks look like cheap plastic, which isn’t the case at all. The tanks are packed with glass, ceramic, or pewter, and they include detailed instructions for you to build your own custom-made coils to enhance the vapor produced.

You can easily purchase these kinds of tanks at an online vapor shop. There are even some stores that will help you build your own coils to customize your own personalized tanks. There is something out there for everyone, so you should never have a hard time finding the perfect kit to suit your personal preferences. If you are looking to impress friends and family members with your new found smoking talent, then the only way to go is to try all the different types of vaporizer tanks. You will have an extremely enjoyable time vaporizing, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to new vapes with new flavors every other day!

How E-Cigarettes can affect your Sports?

We never see professional athletes being related to bad habits let alone cigarettes. There is always an exception to the rule. There are some athletes who indulge is smoking whether they are stogies or cigarettes such as Barkley and Jordan. Some even chew tobacco juice whereas some vape. While this belief is focusing on that professional athletes do not delight in such habits there are pieces of evidence that have actually proved this belief incorrect. The concern is what advantages are they getting out of smoking cigarettes which we are not aware of? Remain for the answers.

Reasons for using e-cigarettes

The factor behind athlete’s using e-cigarettes is for the result of nicotine. It has actually been rumored that the stimulant has positive results on the efficiency of athletes. The truth that most professional athletes do not smoke rather they consume nicotine explains that it’s the result of nicotine they are after.

The process of recovery

When you step in the shift of making your life cigarette complimentary your lungs start healing themselves. When you stop taking in nicotine the tar that is built up in your lungs for a long time will be removed.

Result of e-cigarettes on sports

Numerous reports have been presented on the result of e-cigarettes on many athletes’ performance. Their capability to run for cross countries is enhanced after starting making use of e-cigarettes. In strength training too reports have shown that athletes had the ability to attain more heavy lifts targets after they begin vaping. , if you vape a lot prior to exercise it generally leads to loss of breaths however it’s still less as compared to the result tobacco cigarettes have.. Cardio exercise is also impacted by vaping. Research has proved that vaping enhance cardio efficiency. It supplies the capability to run longer. Throughout strength training, a couple of reports reveal an athlete can do much heavier lifts than prior to you vape. It ought to be born in mind to avoid vaping a number of hours prior to working out as it leads to reducing of breath and can have an effect on your efficiency in the field.

Vaping has remained in use for several years now. Although a lot of scientific studies are refrained from doing on it it’s still much safer than smoking. When you start vaping you will undoubtedly wind up leaving the habit of cigarette smoking.

We never ever see professional athletes being associated with bad routines let alone cigarettes. There are some athletes who indulge is smoking whether they are cigarettes or stogies such as Barkley and Jordan. While this belief is revolving around that professional athletes do not indulge in such practices there are pieces of evidence that have proved this belief wrong. The factor behind professional athlete’s utilizing e-cigarettes is for the result of nicotine. Many reports have actually been provided on the impact of e-cigarettes on most athletes’ performance.

Seven kinds of Vape most common type of people

FDA can bypass the synthesis of nicotine

FDA can bypass the synthesis of nicotine

A famed Chinese e-liquid maker just recently announced plans to launch an e-liquid that is, according to the company,
without a number of the harmful pollutants that tobacco-derived nicotine contains.

The business, Hangsen Technology is based in Shenzhen, the capital city of vaping, however has workplaces and making centers throughout the world. The company made its announcement amidst the current argument over flavored vaping kits items and whether they should be readily available in the US market.

Synthetic Nicotine Vape News

The History of Artificial Nicotine
Will SYN Nicotine Escape Guideline?
Closing Ideas

What Is Synthetic Nicotine?

Artificial nicotine is completely lab-made from a mixture of other chemicals such as ethanol or niacin and is not derived from tobacco plants or leaves. Nicotine created in a laboratory is likewise odorless, tasteless, but it still produces the same physiological results as natural nicotine. Artificial nicotine likewise has the advantage, possibly, of not being held to the same regulative standards as common nicotine.

While the announcement from Hangsen was heralded with fanfare, synthetic nicotine is not a new principle. The business, in a statement they launched to journalism, stated that their solution

is an ideal option for makers who might not wish to utilize pure nicotine originated from tobacco.

This statement alludes to the reality that now, with regulations on flavored nicotine items tightening up in the US, business could argue that the synthetic nicotine in their items are exempt to the exact same standards as naturally-derived nicotine. Any business that thinks it can sashay its way around the FDA is in for a big surprise.

How Will SYN Nicotine Obstacle the FDA?

After revealing that their product, SYN Nicotine, will be presented into the US market, the company rapidly clarified that they were not intentionally trying to get away the reach of the FDA. It stated in a news release that the company has

no intention or motivation to prevent pertinent FDA laws and policies.

State and federal guidelines categorize vaping items as “derived from tobacco”, which is why numerous were speculating that the company was trying to exploit the loophole with a synthetic variation of nicotine. However, if they were, which they have actually mentioned that they are not, regulators might merely reword the law to show that change and include all nicotine, no matter its origin.

Again, artificial nicotine already exists in the United States market. Next Generation Labs, launched their line of artificial nicotine e-liquids, TFN e-liquids in 2016, which attempted to argue that their items were exempt to the “Tobacco-based” Deeming Guideline of the Tobacco Control Act. Next Generation Labs sought to be exempt from this rule in 2016, but it seemed that the FDA did not buy the company’s arguments; TFN e-liquids are no longer available commercially.

A growing number of researchers are taking this concept into work finding the sources.

What’s Next For Synthetic Nicotine?

Nicotine originated from tobacco leaves is the basic element of any nicotine product that does not utilize tobacco. These products range from everyday e-liquids, like those made by Hangsen, or nicotine replacement therapies that are planned to wean cigarette smokers from their reliance on nicotine.

Despite the fact that other business have tried, and often failed, to get the one-up on their competitors by using artificial nicotine, it has actually not changed the vaping market. A bulk of companies still use tobacco-derived nicotine, as it goes through several certification processes to be appropriate for human consumption.

Polish business Chemnovatic is another issue that creates and markets lab-based nicotine. It provides synthetic nicotine to a range of companies, from e-juice makers to Big Pharma for its nicotine replacement therapies, however it stops short of using their product to make e-juice. SYN Nicotine has yet to appear on the market, however despite its pledge, it still will go through FDA policies.

Nicotine developed in a lab is likewise odor-free, unsavory, but it still produces the exact same physiological results as natural nicotine. Artificial nicotine likewise has the advantage, possibly, of not being held to the same regulatory standards as normal nicotine.

Next Generation Labs, released their line of synthetic nicotine e-liquids, TFN e-liquids in 2016, which tried to argue that their products were not subject to the “Tobacco-based” Considering Rule of the Tobacco Control Act. Polish company Chemnovatic is another concern that develops and markets lab-based nicotine. It provides artificial nicotine to a variety of companies, from e-juice makers to Big Pharma for its nicotine replacement therapies, but it stops brief of utilizing their item to make e-juice.

Smok Nord 2 Review:The Best Pod Vapes

Thunderhead Creations Tauren X Vape Pod System Review

Smok Nord 2 Review:The Best Pod Vapes

The SMOK Nord 2 is the long-awaited upgrade to the ultra popular Nord pod system of 2018. Because of its great looks, portability and excellent taste, the original Nord has actually long been SMOK’s most popular and finest selling pod vape. As great as it is, there’s constantly room for enhancement.

The Nord 2 brings a bunch of exciting and new upgrades, the most significant one varying wattage. The Nord 2 has an OLED screen and the wattage can be changed all the way as much as 40W. The Nord 2 also loads an updated chipset, a larger 1500mAh battery, and now features two pods and two coils: an RPM pod and a Nord pod.

I have actually been thrilled to get my hands on the Nord 2 since it was released. I love my original Nord and I still utilize it often. Is the Nord 2 good enough to take its location?

Box Contents

1 x SMOK Nord 2 Device
1 x RPM Pod (RPM 0.4 ohm Coil Preinstalled).
1 x Nord 2 Pod (Nord 0.8 ohm Coil Preinstalled).
1 x USB Cable television.
1 x User Handbook.


95mm x 30.5 mm x 20mm.
IQ-N Chipset.
1500mAh Battery.
4.5 ml Pod Capacity.
0.69″ OLED Display.
Variable Wattage.
40W Max. Output Wattage.
Button Triggered Firing.
Micro-USB Charging.

Style & Build Quality.

SMOK Nord 2 Front
On very first look, the Nord 2 and original Nord appearance very similar. They both have the exact same rectangle-shaped shape with rounded edges and the shape of the mouthpiece is similar, too. But upon closer assessment, I can see that there have been a lot of modifications.

The Nord 2 isn’t too much taller and broader than the original Nord however it’s absolutely larger. It’s also much thicker which is likely since of the 0.69″ OLED screen on the side of the Nord 2.

I got the ‘Red Stabilizing Wood’ panels on my Nord 2 and I have to state that I’m disappointed. It looks beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not genuine wood; rather, it’s a glossy plastic panel made to look like there’s wood below it.

Plus, even with the thicker type than the initial Nord, the Nord 2 is still pocket friendly. It’s comfortable to use and feels good in my hand.

Develop quality is top-tier. The Nord 2 is perfectly put together and the pods fit snugly. One significant upgrade is the power button. It’s firm and clicky and has actually been improved from the easily activated power button on the original Nord. The black paint on the body of the gadget has actually held up well throughout my screening without any fading or cracking. The screen is also clear, bright and looks excellent.

SMOK Nord 2 Pods & Coils.

SMOK Nord 2 Pod and Coils
The Nord 2 comes with not one, however two pods: an RPM pod and a Nord pod. Each pod comes with it’s own coil preinstalled.

Both pods have a 4.5 ml capacity; an upgrade to the 3ml pods of the original Nord. The Nord 2 pods look very comparable to the Nord’s, however they’re broader and thicker. As a result, these pods will not suit the original Nord.

The pod pressure suits place and it’s rather a snug fit. It’s in fact a bit difficult to get rid of the pod, specifically if you have any ejuice on your hands. I will not grumble though; I ‘d rather have the pod be too tight than too loose and need to worry about it coming out unintentionally.

A minor gripe is that there’s no way to examine your ejuice level while the pod is placed. You’ll need to get the pod to check on your ejuice level.

The Nord pod has a light tint on the pod but the RPM pod is completely clear so it’s simple to tell the pods apart. The Nord pod likewise has ‘NORD’ composed on the fill plug while the RPM pod states ‘RPM’.

This rubber plug lies on the side of the pod. It’s very safe and I haven’t experienced any leaking whatsoever. The fill port is a decent size and permitted me to easily fill up the pods, no matter what kind of ejuice bottle I utilized.

The RPM pod comes with a 0.4 ohm mesh coil preinstalled. I utilized this coil with a 50/50 routine nicotine ejuice and it wicks fantastically.

The Nord pod comes with a 0.8 ohm coil preinstalled. Simply like the other coil, chain vaping and long draws didn’t phase this coil one bit.

How to Use the SMOK Nord

SMOK Nord 2 Screen
The Nord 2 uses SMOK’s new in-house chipset: the IQ-N chip. This is a variation of the IQ-R chip discovered on the RPM40 and the IQ-80 chip discovered on the RPM80 Pro. Thanks to this chipset, the Nord 2 can fire at as much as 40W.

To alter the wattage, press the fire button 3 times. Now you can push the fire button or hold it down to scroll the wattage upwards. The Nord 2 only changes the wattage upward so if you scroll past your preferred wattage, you’ll have to round robin from 40W and scroll back up to your preferred wattage.

The screen on the Nord 2 is little but it’s good and crisp. It shows your wattage, coil resistance, voltage, a puff counter, and a battery indication.

The Nord 2 is specifically button activated. When you press the fire button to take a draw, the wattage screen modifications to puff time so you can see the length of time of a draw you take.

A bothersome function is that the puff counter resets each time that you take out the pod. It makes no sense for the puff counter to reset, especially since you have to take out the pod to examine your ejuice level.

Battery Life

SMOK Nord 2 Laying Down 2
Battery life on the Nord 2 is impressive. It packs an integrated 1500mAh battery, a 400mAh boost over the initial Nord. I used this gadget exclusively as my only vape throughout my screening and it lasts longer than I expected.

Utilizing the 0.8 ohm pod at 14W I was able to vape two complete pods (that’s 9ml of vape e-liquid) on just a single charge. That’s crazy usage time and equates to just about two-three days of vaping. With the 0.4 ohm coil at 24W I was able to vape about a pod and a half which is around 2 days of vaping.

Compared to most other pod vapes, even ones with larger batteries, the Nord 2 lasted longer.


SMOK Nord 2 Performance
When I first utilized the initial Nord, I was blown away by how excellent the flavor was. Now with the Nord 2, I feel like I’m having deja vu! The Nord 2 is even more outstanding than the original. The taste is on the upper echelon of pod vapes, no matter which coil I use. Especially when it concerns fruit flavored ejuices, the flavor feels more crisp and in depth than any other pod vape that I have actually utilized.

The 0.8 ohm coil is my preferred and I get extremely good taste. I can securely say that this is one of the finest devices/best coils I’ve used for nicotine salts.

The 0.4 ohm coil, in spite of being a mesh coil, isn’t as delicious as the 0.8 ohm coil. It’s still super delicious and better than most other pod vape coils however it’s the less tasty among these 2 coils. I get a loose DTL draw with this coil. Routine nicotine ejuices taste great and I ‘d presume regarding compare the flavor with some sub-ohm tanks. Outstanding task by SMOK on these coils.


It appears like pod vapes have a brand-new top dog to take on. The Nord 2 gets whatever right from the style and size to the battery life and coils. The draw and flavor with the Nord pod and coil are terrific for nicotine salts; absolutely among the best performance you can get right now. Even the RPM pod and 0.4 ohm coil are terrific for routine nicotine ejuices and come close to the taste that I get with some sub ohm tanks– not a simple accomplishment to achieve.

The Nord 2 offers great performance and it lasts longer than its rivals– there’s very little more that you can request for from a pod vape.

The SMOK Nord 2 is the long-awaited update to the ultra popular Nord pod system of 2018. The Nord 2 also loads an updated chipset, a bigger 1500mAh battery, and now comes with two pods and 2 coils: an RPM pod and a Nord pod.

On very first look, the Nord 2 and initial Nord appearance really similar. The Nord 2 comes with not one, but 2 pods: an RPM pod and a Nord pod. The Nord 2 pods look very similar to the Nord’s, however they’re larger and thicker.

Thunderhead Creations Tauren X Vape Pod System Review

VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Review

Thunderhead Creations Tauren X Vape Pod System Review

What’s up, Insiders! I’m your male, DeucesJack. Today, we’re going to be discussing the ThunderHead Creations Tauren X pod system. Check out that gold emblem on there. I’m type of digging it. Now, before we decrease low, let me inform you right off the jump. This is an extremely versatile open pod system. You have the option of getting it with an RBA area, or a factory coil section. I don’t understand if they’re both going to be available in the package. I know I got offered the RBA area individually but I’m going to discuss both of them just for you. ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit

Prior to we enter the video, make sure you have a look at our new merch website. You can get my tagline on a hoodie or a t-shirt.

Now, let’s go over the factory coil part of it initially due to the fact that I believe that’s what a lot of individuals are going to be interested in. It’s got a 510 feel but you see how it’s got that larger o-ring on top? I do not understand why they didn’t go with a regular 510 drip pointer.
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
That is your base that’s going to hold your coil. You screw your coil into that. It’s a little stiff right now however once you get some juice on it you ought to be alright.

Here is your 0.6 ohm mesh, good for 15-23W. You can see inside there, you can see the mesh. This is the coil we’re going to be juicing up in a second.

Now here’s something fascinating. This yellow coil with the yellow o-rings, this is your 1ohm mesh, excellent for 9-14W. I’m kind of diggin that.

The juice we’re going to be utilizing today considering that it is fall, we’re going to be using Freeman’s Fall Spirit. Nothing crazy, don’t go nuts. We’re going to put this on deck for a second.ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Package

Let’s review the mod and then we’ll review the RBA base. One nice little touch before we discuss the mod, they offer you an extra base. You will have to use the airflow control ring, your old one, but it’s nice that they include an additional one. And you have some spare o-rings as well.ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Package
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
Let’s go over the mod. I have the RBA deck installed that I’m going to show you in a minute. The one that utilizes the factory coils is clear, good.

ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit

Here, this little hole right here, that’s where you’re going to get your airflow from. See the RBA base right there? Rather, your adjustable air flow is right here on your RBA base.

There’s the bottom of your base, your two gold-plated contacts that in fact reach the mod. Inside the mod, you can see, your 2 gold-plated contacts and your 2 magnets in each corner. Really, very strong magnets, I like it. Now here’s something intriguing. It kind of has a little bit of motion when you use the factory pod. It doesn’t suit there as tight. It does not actually move while you’re vaping however that’s method too loose, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like that at all. Another thing is you’re going to need to make certain you line up the air flow so it beings in front of that air flow hole. See that? You wish to make certain you turn the base enough so it beings in front of that. You do not want it not sitting in front of that air flow hole. Otherwise, it’ll be blocked. That movement is unacceptable, as far as I’m concerned. Conversely, when you put the RBA deck therein, it does not move at all, it really does not. It’s in there a lot tighter. I do not know why they could not make it so it fits the same way. I’m thinking the metal base is having an extensive impact on making this tighter than this one. The only distinction between the two is this one does not have that metal base on the bottom.

We’re going to go over the RBA area part now. In other words, there’s a shaft, a screw and a spring that goes inside that you have to put together. If you’re going to launch this you got to assemble this fully because it was a pain in the neck to put together that part.
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
When you want to assemble your RBA base, develop your coil and wick it, the very first thing you need is this. It’s simply press fit in there simply like that. When you have that, the chimney section just loosens like so.

I’m not going to go over how to construct it. And now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a little piece of cotton. That’s your wicking port, that’s where your cotton is going to get fed to juice so you actually don’t want to go bigger than this coil and at the sink due to the fact that you’re just not going to have sufficient volume of juice getting through there to feed a larger wick.

Now that you got that all cut, what you want to do is you want to take your wick and you just desire to kind of carefully fold it around and tuck it in there. See that right there, how I’m blocking that hole with the cotton. That’s how you want it so now what you wish to do is you wish to do the same thing on the other side, simply carefully tuck it in there and now you can see, I’m blocking that wicking port there which’s where your juice is going to feed from.
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
The juice I’m going to try today is Blnd ‘d. You desire to get that coil streaming. Go sluggish due to the fact that it’s a little tank.

WHAT remains in THE BOX
RBA Version

1 x Tauren-X-Pod
1 x RBA Coil
1 x Construct deck
1 x USB Cable television
1 x Lanyard
1 x User Manual & Warranty Card
1 x Spare Parts
Fit Together Coil Variation

1 x Tauren-X-Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil
1 x 1.0 Ohm Mesh Coil
1 x User Handbook & Service Warranty Card
1 x Spare Components
Alright, Insiders! Let’s review those cons and pros.

Very first con is going to be, individuals are going to point it out in the comments. I truly don’t care, but individuals are going to say it appears like a Vandy Vape Mutant. It does. It appears like it took style lines from the Mutant by Vandy Vape. I got to point it out. It’s a con because it’s going to be mentioned in the comments, I understand.

I seem to get a lot of condensation no matter what air holes I choose. There just constantly appears to be juice hanging around that general location. It’s just always there.

Post holes on this one, they could have certainly been bigger. They had the space, they should have made them bigger. Not like you can’t get a good sized coil in there but I would have liked to have seen them bang those post holes out a bit. It’s a bit of a con.

And the last con’s going to be that squonk post that you have to install yourself after you put the squonking pin in. That’s a real annoyance to set up. You sort of got to like slip your fingers in there and get it in there simply to get it to capture the threading. It’s irritating as hell, it really is. It’s a con for me. I don’t have fragile little fingers. I had a bumpy ride with it, I’m not going to lie.

But that’s it on the cons. Nothing that’s a deal-breaker. Let’s proceed to the pros due to the fact that we do have some pros on this one.

The first pro’s going to be, it’s got adjustable wattage. I gave that as a pro on my Oukitel Bison Review too. I always like that on these AIO pod system type of sets. Nice task, THC.
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
I simulate the reality that they came up with a factory coil setup or an RBA setup. Incredible job, pro.ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Set

This one’s easy to use.

It’s developed truly well.

Got a great paint job.

Smooth draw. I have actually been enjoying the make use of this thing.

You saw it down low, it’s simple to develop and wick.

I’m getting excellent taste with the RBA. I got the 0.6-ohm coil in here. I got it at the 25W maximum. Let me reveal you what I’m working with here. Okay. I’m getting the completely saturated flavor.

I’m getting some great heat off of this. It’s a heat that you typically do not leave a pod AIO system this little. I’m absolutely digging it.

It’s an actually gratifying vape. This is among those sets that I might actually change my 18650 establish with a sub-ohm tank. I could rock this throughout the day and be satisfied. That’s a big pro.

This thing works well with 3 bass or nic salt juices, that’s a pro.

I believe it’s an attractive package.

It’s got that simple top fill.

And it’s got a good capability.

So that’s it, Insiders! Those are my cons and pros. Let’s chat about this one a bit.

It’s just a great pod/AIO package. Most likely one of the best pods/AIO systems on the market right now. Some of them are simply extraordinary.

Let’s discuss some of the specs on the Thunderhead Creations Tauren X pod system. It determines in at 97mm x 40mm x 20mm. It has a 25W maximum. It includes a 0.2 inch LED display. It has a 1,000 mAh battery. It charges internally at 1amp. It will fire down to 0.3 ohms. It has a 2ml capacity. 2 pod variations are available. You can get the factory coil version or the RBA section variation factory coil. It includes a 0.6 ohm coil that’s mesh, and it likewise includes a 100 mesh coil. The RBA variation comes with an RBA deck and an adapter that allows you to fire the coil. ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Set
ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Pod System Kit
Measurements: 97x40x20( mm).
Product: Aluminium Alloy/PCTG.
Gross Weight: 205g( Mesh.
Variation)/ 223g( RBA Version).
Battery: 1000mAh.
Capability: 2ML.
Power Range:5 -25 w.
Screen:0.42″ OLED.
Charging Existing: 1A.
Resistance: 0.3– 3.0 Ω.
Port: Micro USB.
Fill Type: Leading Fill.
Airflow: Adjustable.
Coil Type: RBA; Mesh Coil 1.0 Ω( MTL)/ 0.6 Ω( DTL).

I know I got offered the RBA section separately however I’m going to go over both of them simply for you.ThunderHead Creations Tauren X Vape Pod System Set

Now, let’s go over the factory coil part of it initially due to the fact that I believe that’s what a lot of individuals are going to be interested in. Let’s go over the mod and then we’ll go over the RBA base. We’re going to go over the RBA area part now. That’s your wicking port, that’s where your cotton is going to get fed to juice so you truly don’t want to go larger than this coil and at the sink since you’re just not going to have sufficient volume of juice getting through there to feed a bigger wick.

VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Review

Voopoo are back with the follow up to the most significant mod of the past 12 months. Have Voopoo got another sure fire hit or do numbered follows up never measure up to the previous fame?

Without Question the Voopoo Drag2 was the greatest selling mod of the past 12 months, even among all time. The device provided a terrific chipset that provided performance, simplicity and a pleasing style that many vapers enjoyed. Voopoo are back with the follow up to the initial including a brand-new design, greater enhanced Gene chip through many hours data mining the chip and boast a new function of its own. they have invested the last 12 months in R&D searching in methods to enhance the initial in every method they could and the VooPoo Drag 2 is the outcome of all that research? Does it measure up to the hype that the follow up would bring? Prior to we get into that let’s appearance at the details.

What’s in the box?
DRAG 2 177W x 1
USB Cable television x 1
User Manual x 1
Guarantee Card x 1
GENE Chip Card x 1

Voopoo Drag 2 Specs
Power Range 5W– 177W
Resting Present ≤ 10uA.
Output Voltage 0V– 7.5 V.
Output Existing 0A– 40A.
Battery 2 * 18650.
Resistance Variety 0.05 Ω– 5.0 Ω.
Temperature level Range 100-315 ℃/ 200-600 ℉.
Upgraded Function Yes.
Weight 158( ± 2) g.
Material Zinc Alloy & Resin.
VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin 8 Colors Available
About the Voopoo Drag 2.
The Drag 2 is a double 18650 battery mod capable of shooting as much as 177w. the device is available in at 88.3 mm by 51mm which is 2mm by 3mm smaller than the initial Drag. It features a 510 spring filled pin on the leading and suitable with as much as 26mm tanks without overhang with its somewhat off centre pin. The device has a full side resign design in a plethora of various colour alternatives and on the opposite side includes the trademark DRAG logo style. The gadget has a whole side magnetic battery door with repellent leading magnets to prevent the door being placed on incorrectly. Inside there is 2 gold plated battery pins with battery ribbon. The side features a small screen with leading round fire button and 2 little navigation buttons beneath with the USB included under them for firmware upgrading/ battery charging (not advised). The style of the mod now includes rounded edges to supply more convenience and easier to hold for the user compared to the initial.

The gadget features an updated GENE chip set as a result of many months researching/data mining and tanks evaluated. The menu system is browsed by 3 clicks of the fire button to take you into the FIT menu, another 3 into temperature level control and lastly 3 to take you back to power. 5 clicks of the fire button shuts down the device and holding down the 2 navigation buttons takes you into a little sub menu with gene chip information, variation type and a memory power option. The FIT choice is the brand-new feature offered with the new Drag 2 boasting the capability to modify the device on user choice, based upon the Uforce2 tank, however would be applicable to other tanks too. One mode is for increased flavour, one is for increased clouds and one is to supply a cooler vape. The chipset also comes protected from water, dust and fire to include another level of protection for the user.
VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin Chipset
Voopoo Drag 2 Colour Options.

Voopoo Drag 2 Pros.
Admittedly I must have been among the only people not to have a Voopoo Drag mod. The look, design and style simply didn’t attract me over other special design mods. I was thrilled to offer this one a try after so long to see if the buzz was genuine and if they had actually supplied a leading variety mod at a mid variety cost as the very first one delivered. , if I am being truthful I was really amazed with the end result.. Of all the thing looks lovely and it is so easy to hold in your hand. One thing I do not like about box mods is the sharp edges and Voopoo have actually discovered this design and brought something so much better to hold. The device has a lovely weight to it without being excessively heavy and everything remains in the best place. It feels truly natural to me as a vaping mod so that is a significant favorable in my eyes.I liked the snap of the battery door too, very easy and very easy to remove due to the small lip on the edge of the device which is not noticeable when holding.
VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin Battery
The chip-set is very much responsive and preforms admirably like I expected it to. The gadget hits the ideal power, has sustained performance and the FIT option is a great, if a little extreme function. I couldn’t actually explain it any more than soft middle and difficult power mode but this function may reflect better on a RDA over a sub ohm tank. the battery life is likewise rather great, taking a look at around a half and a day vaping at 80w which provides it a little bit much better life than a lot of on the marketplace, simply shy of a full 2 days though which is the ideal point for a dual battery mod. Nevertheless I enjoy the reality that it is among those mods that you do not have to concern yourself with it dying too early with the 1 battery life lasting a futher hour at reduced power. I like the menu system as well being so basic, simply 3 clicks of the fire button to get around to each set of modes is a basic way of doing things and there is nothing to get lost in, with a fire of the button taking you back to the screen. When changing tanks, another thing I love about this device that I have actually not seen before is the auto wattage. If you alter to a various tank with a various coil resistance it will ask you if you wish to change the gadget like many others do, however the Drag 2 will then alter the wattage based on this. So moving between tanks with a difference of around 20-30w will see it estimate the best wattage which conserves you from needing to think of mistakenly shooting much fire than the coil suggests.

Voopoo Drag 2 Cons.
Not in a bad way however there is a little movement if you attempt to move it or when choosing the gadget up. The door is safe and secure on there through the magnets however there is a small jilt which was not present on the initial drag so it is something to note. I can notice a difference between the 3 choices there however not enough that really improves the vape, it advises me more of a significant power change one way or another based on each setting, with the cloud alternative sensation much more powerful than the cool alternative.

VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin Overview
In general.
Entering into this review I might declare to have a clean slate as far as the Drag goes, being a Drag virgin of sorts so to me the gadget was more of a first thoughts review instead of a contrast evaluation. My total opinion of the Drag 2? Excellent, in a word in all truthfully. the gadget feels so comfortable and so simple to use that I can see why the original was such a massive hit in the first place. It is clear where Voopoo have actually enhanced the device in terms of style and I have actually loved utilizing this that it has actually become my every day mod. Coming from a vaper who does not like box mods, that tells you something! there is a number of design niggles that others may find to be a step back but personally I discover no concern in them and it does not deter from my experience that, for instance a battery rattle does on other gadgets. the styles on them are lovely also, if not completely original now with their primary competing looking familiar but Voopoo have certainly made the best looking box mod on the marketplace.

The Drag 2 is, in my viewpoint among the very best gadgets coming out to market and it has transformed me to both the Drag range and box mods in general. all the attention to detail for enhancements truly shines through in the Drag 2 and this is perfect for any sub ohm vaper out there who wants quality at a truly budget friendly rate. The drag 2 is going to be worth the hype, believe that.

The device has a full side resign design in a wide variety of different colour choices and on the opposite side includes the trademark DRAG logo design. The FIT option is the brand-new feature offered with the brand-new Drag 2 boasting the ability to alter the device on user option, based on the Uforce2 tank, nevertheless would be suitable to other tanks. If you alter to a different tank with a various coil resistance it will ask you if you want to change the device like the majority of others do, however the Drag 2 will then alter the wattage based on this. Going into this evaluation I might declare to have a tidy slate as far as the Drag goes, being a Drag virgin of sorts so to me the gadget was more of a very first thoughts review rather than a comparison evaluation. The Drag 2 is, in my viewpoint one of the best devices coming out to market and it has transformed me to both the Drag variety and box mods in general.

Asmodus Pyke Vape Pod System Starter Kit Review

The asMODus PYKE Pod System is a stealthy MTL device that’s both easy and portable to use. This includes a closed pre-filled pod and also an open range.

asMODus is a high-end vape producer that’s popular for its supported wood box mods. This consists of the incredibly popular Ultroner x Asmodus Luna Squonker. asMODus is based out of warm California, USA and was established in 2014. They use a special trade-in program on their site that permits you to swap your old asMODus device in exchange for $20 USD. Keep reading for a full breakdown of this pod’s specs.

asMODus Pyke Ultra Portable Pod Beginner Kit Review

The asMODus PYKE Pod System is a compact device that determines 100.6 mm’s by 22.3 mm’s by 12.6 mm’s. I was able to get around half a days worth of vaping from the PYKE Pod before having to recharge.

As an outcome, this gadget is great for smokers or new vapers because it requires little previous vaping understanding. The wattage can not be changed and is instead based on how much battery you have actually left.

asMODus PYKE 2ml Vape Pod Evaluation
The included food-grade cartridge can hold 2ml’s of your favorite eliquid. It features a side-fill system and a silicon stopper. I did experience some mess when filling since it had no air hole.

The asMODus PYKE Pod System is currently retailing for $27 USD from Heaven Gifts. I personally feel this is expensive in comparison to similar gadgets on the market.

asMODus PYKE 480 mAh Pod Gadget U.S.A. Evaluation
The PYKE Pod is offered in a handful of vibrant colors that consist of black, red, and likewise ombré. Inside you will discover your asMODus PYKE Pod, 1 x cartridge, Micro USB cable, and also a user manual.

Comment down below what you thought about the asMODus PYKE Pod System.

Click one of the buttons listed below to support We Vape Mods if your interested in acquiring this item.

The asMODus PYKE Pod System is a sneaky MTL device that’s both portable and simple to utilize. The asMODus PYKE Pod System is a compact device that determines 100.6 mm’s by 22.3 mm’s by 12.6 mm’s. The asMODus PYKE Pod System is currently retailing for $27 USD from Heaven Gifts. The PYKE Pod is readily available in a handful of lively colors that consist of black, red, and also ombré. Inside you will find your asMODus PYKE Pod, 1 x cartridge, Micro USB cable television, and likewise a user handbook.

Vaporizer – How to achieve the most intense vapor development

Everyone knows it, everyone is impressed by it. Nowadays, many videos show steamers that let unbelievable clouds rise, we’re almost talking about a kind of art, the art of vaping. While this process looks so easy, the personal experience as well as trying it out in practice can backfire.

Small clouds, unimpressive steam development – in short: We are disappointed with our own performance. There are of course many reasons and influencing factors that we would like to bring you closer to today in order to turn you into a professional vaper. So buckle up and full steam ahead!

Tip # 1: Dry herbs

As a rule of thumb you can remember: the drier the herbs, the better the steam development. So when you buy it, you have a big influence on how the session will go later. But not only your supplier can give you good or bad results. You can also influence a lot in retrospect:

  • Correct storage: Probably the best storage to keep your herbs dry is in an open glass container. Line the base with kitchen roll, fill in herbs and cover with kitchen roll again.
  • Use rice: If you should really notice that your herbs are still quite moist, rice is probably the best alternative. Fill your container with some rice, this will quickly remove the moisture from the whole thing. Make sure you remove any remains of the rice before using the herbs.
  • Oven: Use baking paper on an oven tray and spread your herbs on it. Preheat your oven to 37 to 65 degrees Celsius (depending on the humidity, but not higher!) And heat your herbs for about 10 minutes. If you notice that you still do not have the desired, dry state afterwards, spread the herbs out again and heat them again for 10 minutes, but not longer, otherwise you run the risk of burning your substances!

Tip # 2: The right grinder is the key to success

Here we had to realize that unfortunately more and more steamers, especially beginners in the field, are starting to save. Often people only use badly processed and low-quality promotional gifts instead of using high-quality products. Few consumers seem to know that well-ground herbs have a significant impact on the vaping experience. The finer the grass is rubbed, the better the expected effect and at the same time the better the steam. This is mainly due to the fact that you increase the surface of your active ingredients many times over by fine rebelling, which can thus heat up better and more evenly and thus achieve a greater effect.

Tip # 3: Fill the chamber well, but not too full

Of course, the more content there is in the chamber, the more steam can develop. You should therefore fill them up before each session. Note, however, that the chamber should not be filled too full, otherwise you run the risk of clogging the air duct, which will reduce the performance of the device and cause additional damage.

The point also depends on the device. Basic rule: the further the chamber is from the mouthpiece, the fuller and more plump it can usually be filled. But be careful: There are exceptions here too, which depend on the device in question!

Tip # 4: Increase the temperature

We often recommend beginners to rely on low temperatures when using dry herb vaporizers for the first time. The reason for this is that your high will not be that extreme and the overall session will have a milder character. Many consumers will not be happy about this, but this is how you get to know your new device and slowly get used to the process.

With every session and more experience, this temperature can finally be increased steadily in order to generate more effect through the ingredients and stronger steam development. At maximum temperature, however, the aromas will no longer have such a strong effect and the taste experience will evaporate somewhat in favor of bulging steam. The largest clouds can therefore be reached at maximum temperature.

Accordingly, if you want it ostentatious, you should work with a high temperature (approx. 200 – 240 degrees Celsius), but in our eyes you get the best overall experience in terms of taste and aromas with a gradation of around 170 to 200 degrees Celsius (where Here too the steam development should still be sufficient!).

Tip # 5: work on the tech

The technique of vaping can also be crucial for strong clouds. However, we want to emphasize at this point that only advanced vapers should dare to use the following techniques:

Direct Lung Inhale (DLI): Also translated as direct lung inhalation, this technique means that you completely empty your lungs before you hit the road. This should then go directly into your lungs while you exhale slowly afterwards. Another advantage of this method is that you can expect a higher high than with normal vaping!

In addition, you can try to perform multiple hits without exhaling. If you have collected enough steam in your lungs, let everything out slowly. Here too, the development of steam should be considerably increased.

Tip # 6: If nothing helps, change the device

This should be said at the end: Not every device is designed for large steam generation. In particular, small and very handy devices are geared towards everyday consumption and do not attract their customers with extensive and powerful sessions. Accordingly, it seems obvious that the steam development is rather limited, which, by the way, often appeals to the consumer. After all, not everyone in public wants to be associated with dry herb vaporizers by exhaling copious clouds.

Usually: the bigger the device, the finer the setting options and the higher the power, the more you can expect in terms of taste and vapor development!

Is it safe to vape?

Every day the headlines ask: are e-cigarettes safe? The question is, is that even the right question?

is-vaping-safeIs n’t vaping a health hazard? Most skeptics, including smokers, wonder – is it a safe way to quit smoking? But is that the right question? When we take a close look at which products are really safe, things get complicated. What does “safe” mean anyway? Are Cars Safe? Or the vegetables we buy in the supermarket?

In fact, not a single product that we use or consume is guaranteed to be safe. Let’s take the car as an example. Cars can be dangerous in many ways, even if we don’t make mistakes driving. There are countless accidents every year. Likewise, many people die and even more get sick from bacteria in fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless we continue to drive and eat our salad. Because with the use of some common sense and precautionary measures, the risks are low. We apply damage control to most things.

What does mitigation mean?

When you hear the word damage control, you might first think of heroin addicts or protected sex. This is one application of harm reduction – handing out clean needles for addicts and condoms for people with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases is harm reduction. These precautions reduce the risk and potential harm of such activities. Is it safe to inject a drug like heroin with a clean needle? No, definitely not. But is it safer than without it? Definitely.

E-cigarettes are harm control for dangerous tobacco

e-cigarettes-are-damage-limitation-for-dangerous-tobaccoPutting seatbelts on in cars doesn’t make them safe, but makes them safer. Washing fresh fruits and vegetables reduces the chances of bacteria making us sick. Some also call it harm reduction or harm reduction. It’s an easy way to reduce the dangers of any product or thing we do.

Smoking causes premature death for many people. Over 450,000 Americans die each year from the effects of smoking, says the CDC. Worldwide there should be around six million. Many people have health problems that do not kill them, but limit their lives or reduce the quality of life. In order to reduce the proven dangers of tobacco smoking, offering less risky alternatives is a good way to reduce health impairments – if not all of the risk goes away. Vaping is harm reduction for tobacco smoking.

According to the latest findings and research, e-cigarettes are almost guaranteed to be less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. The US Surgeon General and other experts have linked most of the smoking-related diseases to the products of combustion of smoke, not the nicotine itself.

Dr. Jed Rose, Director, Center for Smoking Cessation, Duke University Medical Center :

Tobacco harm control has been touted by some as a way to reduce the harmful dangers of smoking. Smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes offer long-time smokers the opportunity to continue getting their nicotine without the known dangers of smoking – this is something most health advocates understand.

We know this would work because it already worked. In Sweden, for example, a large part of the population uses snuff instead of smoking – and has done so for a long time. In the entire western world, Sweden has the lowest percentage of smoking-related diseases. Large-scale studies show unequivocally that long-term use of snuff involves almost no risk.

It’s very simple: Nothing is as risky as lighting dead material and inhaling the smoke. If you’re someone who wants to consume nicotine without the dangers of smoking, switching to vaping or snuff is certainly a smart choice.

The potential security risks

We’ve already discussed the dangers of vaping on our website, so we’re only looking at a small summary of them today.

Diacetyl hit the headlines earlier this century when employees at a company in the United States that produce microwave popcorn were diagnosed with an incurable lung disease called obliterative bronchiolitis. This came about as a result of working with diacetyl, which was used to flavor the popcorn. This disease has even been nicknamed Popcorn Lungs ever since.

Vapers that use e-liquids with diacetyl cannot inhale the amounts of diketones that are comparable to those that the workers in the popcorn factory were exposed to. Cigarettes also contain diacetyl, far more than any e-liquid. So is it safe to inhale diacetyl? Probably not, but the risk is lower with vaping than with smoking. Incidentally, not all e-liquids contain this additive. And so far no smoker or vaper has been diagnosed with a popcorn lung.

Formaldehyde and other poisons in the steam

formaldehyde-and-other-poisons-in-the-steamA group of scientists from Portland State University found that if the steam were upregulated so that no one could tolerate it, a cheap clearomizer would produce large amounts of formaldehyde. Believing that this was the breakthrough in the anti-e-cigarette movement, they passed these results on to the England Journal of Medicine, which published the information immediately. The result? Negative headlines all over the world, according to the motto: “Researchers found out: e-cigarette vapor full of carcinogenic substances”.


We are constantly breathing and swallowing poisons.

we-breathe-and-swallow-poison-constantlyIf the wick cannot keep up with the steam produced or the vaporizer has dried out, it can happen that you take a so-called “dry puff”. Measuring the toxins that result from it is pointless as no one would inhale them for longer than a split second. There are other known toxins in e-cigarette vapor. However, none of these exist in amounts that would harm the vaper. According to the Royal College of Physicians, “With normal use, the amounts of toxins inhaled while vaping are likely to be well below the legal limits for occupational exposure to hazardous substances, making long-term harm unlikely.”

We are constantly breathing and swallowing toxins – a fact that is often overlooked by e-cigarette critics. When they are in small amounts that the body can easily process, they don’t build up and cause health problems. There have been numerous studies of various ingredients in the vapor that sound intimidating, but no definitive harm has been proven. This does not mean that a real danger is excluded, but it is unlikely.

Is Nicotine Safe?

Nicotine has a bad rap for its association with smoking. On its own, however, it’s a relatively mild stimulant with effects similar to caffeine. It does not cause cancer or any other disease, apparently. Nicotine consumption is probably not dangerous for most people.

Nicotine causes short-term increases in heart rate and blood pressure because it narrows blood vessels when ingested – just like caffeine. So for people with serious heart problems, vaping (let alone smoking) is not a good choice. Pregnant women should likely avoid nicotine altogether, although studies suggesting risks to the unborn child are questionable.

E-liquids should be stored away from children in sealed bottles. Nicotine is often described as “as addicting as heroin,” but this is not true. Smokers get a nicotine kick in the brain, along with other substances that make nicotine more addictive. Other forms of consumption, such as snuff, release the drug slowly into the body. Vaping is probably somewhere between these two variants.

However, there is one safety concern that cannot be ignored: nicotine is dangerous if children drink it. E-liquids should therefore be safely stowed away from children.

Are e-cigarette batteries safe?

e-cig batteriesThe risk of a catastrophic battery failure is very low if you take simple precautions. As long as you are not an expert, use ordinary starter kits with a good battery and a suitable charger. Never carry batteries loose in your pockets and do not leave the batteries charging unattended. With a little common sense and the basic safety rules for using batteries, you will be able to prevent just about any problems with them.

Is it safe to vape? Why do you ask?

Once you’ve understood that e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking regular cigarettes, and you’re still wondering whether it’s safe to vape, we can go over a few potential hazards together. Remember, however, that nobody has ever said that vaping – or anything else – is “safe”. All we can say is that it is reasonably safe.

If you are not already a smoker, it is recommended that you not start vaping either. Vaping is no healthier than not vaping. The risks and benefits of e-cigarettes should always be viewed relative to those of tobacco smoking juice. It is pretty certain that e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes. But fresh air naturally trumps everything.

securityThose who have weighed all of the medical findings have likely concluded that vaping poses a relatively minor health risk. Both the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England suggest that doctors recommend that smokers vape if they otherwise fail to quit. A highly regarded Cochrane Review in 2014 and 2016 supports this opinion.

If there are greater dangers in vaping e-cigarettes, then they haven’t been shown or proven by science. If you are not already a smoker, then you shouldn’t even start inhaling anything into your healthy lungs. But if you’re struggling to quit smoking, you should give vaping a try, partly because of its relatively low health risks.