The Voopoo Drag X Kit


The design of the entire profile should be the highlight of this trail first Voopoo X Kit. If I’m not mistaken, it was the first time that the skin Voopoo ingredient added to the product design. And pleasure is a fact, it’s no wonder Voopoo will. Finally, there is a circle in the use of materials in the field of production vape. PC / PCTG metal, resin and leather both the initial and the current system of single-dose kits are embedded with glass material. If you start with the design of the model is not changed, the design of the familiar appears that this condition is satisfied as.

Honestly, the coverage of the leather panel of the Voopoo Vinci X Manual is fairly impressive. But I have no idea what kind of leather is it because it feels not the same as the Voopoo Vpe Mod. Apparently, it can’t be real leather or the price point would be much higher. The whole cover of the leather is on the soft side which is identical to Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit. But obviously, the whole texture and processing on this piece of the leather panel are more delicate. The giant Drag logo and carbon fiber-like veins are both outstanding. Unluckily, I only got the carbon fiber version. If I could make a choice, I would go for brown color or classic color. In my view, the two colors are more beautiful.

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