Vaporizer – How to achieve the most intense vapor development

Everyone knows it, everyone is impressed by it. Nowadays, many videos show steamers that let unbelievable clouds rise, we’re almost talking about a kind of art, the art of vaping. While this process looks so easy, the personal experience as well as trying it out in practice can backfire.

Small clouds, unimpressive steam development – in short: We are disappointed with our own performance. There are of course many reasons and influencing factors that we would like to bring you closer to today in order to turn you into a professional vaper. So buckle up and full steam ahead!

Tip # 1: Dry herbs

As a rule of thumb you can remember: the drier the herbs, the better the steam development. So when you buy it, you have a big influence on how the session will go later. But not only your supplier can give you good or bad results. You can also influence a lot in retrospect:

  • Correct storage: Probably the best storage to keep your herbs dry is in an open glass container. Line the base with kitchen roll, fill in herbs and cover with kitchen roll again.
  • Use rice: If you should really notice that your herbs are still quite moist, rice is probably the best alternative. Fill your container with some rice, this will quickly remove the moisture from the whole thing. Make sure you remove any remains of the rice before using the herbs.
  • Oven: Use baking paper on an oven tray and spread your herbs on it. Preheat your oven to 37 to 65 degrees Celsius (depending on the humidity, but not higher!) And heat your herbs for about 10 minutes. If you notice that you still do not have the desired, dry state afterwards, spread the herbs out again and heat them again for 10 minutes, but not longer, otherwise you run the risk of burning your substances!

Tip # 2: The right grinder is the key to success

Here we had to realize that unfortunately more and more steamers, especially beginners in the field, are starting to save. Often people only use badly processed and low-quality promotional gifts instead of using high-quality products. Few consumers seem to know that well-ground herbs have a significant impact on the vaping experience. The finer the grass is rubbed, the better the expected effect and at the same time the better the steam. This is mainly due to the fact that you increase the surface of your active ingredients many times over by fine rebelling, which can thus heat up better and more evenly and thus achieve a greater effect.

Tip # 3: Fill the chamber well, but not too full

Of course, the more content there is in the chamber, the more steam can develop. You should therefore fill them up before each session. Note, however, that the chamber should not be filled too full, otherwise you run the risk of clogging the air duct, which will reduce the performance of the device and cause additional damage.

The point also depends on the device. Basic rule: the further the chamber is from the mouthpiece, the fuller and more plump it can usually be filled. But be careful: There are exceptions here too, which depend on the device in question!

Tip # 4: Increase the temperature

We often recommend beginners to rely on low temperatures when using dry herb vaporizers for the first time. The reason for this is that your high will not be that extreme and the overall session will have a milder character. Many consumers will not be happy about this, but this is how you get to know your new device and slowly get used to the process.

With every session and more experience, this temperature can finally be increased steadily in order to generate more effect through the ingredients and stronger steam development. At maximum temperature, however, the aromas will no longer have such a strong effect and the taste experience will evaporate somewhat in favor of bulging steam. The largest clouds can therefore be reached at maximum temperature.

Accordingly, if you want it ostentatious, you should work with a high temperature (approx. 200 – 240 degrees Celsius), but in our eyes you get the best overall experience in terms of taste and aromas with a gradation of around 170 to 200 degrees Celsius (where Here too the steam development should still be sufficient!).

Tip # 5: work on the tech

The technique of vaping can also be crucial for strong clouds. However, we want to emphasize at this point that only advanced vapers should dare to use the following techniques:

Direct Lung Inhale (DLI): Also translated as direct lung inhalation, this technique means that you completely empty your lungs before you hit the road. This should then go directly into your lungs while you exhale slowly afterwards. Another advantage of this method is that you can expect a higher high than with normal vaping!

In addition, you can try to perform multiple hits without exhaling. If you have collected enough steam in your lungs, let everything out slowly. Here too, the development of steam should be considerably increased.

Tip # 6: If nothing helps, change the device

This should be said at the end: Not every device is designed for large steam generation. In particular, small and very handy devices are geared towards everyday consumption and do not attract their customers with extensive and powerful sessions. Accordingly, it seems obvious that the steam development is rather limited, which, by the way, often appeals to the consumer. After all, not everyone in public wants to be associated with dry herb vaporizers by exhaling copious clouds.

Usually: the bigger the device, the finer the setting options and the higher the power, the more you can expect in terms of taste and vapor development!

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