Voopoo Drag Nano Platinum Vinci Tc Box Mod Manual Pnp Coils review

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum S and the last line X “pods” Mod aesthetic ticks all the right boxes. But is it enough? How do they do that? Let deepen this test and find out.



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Occasionally it happens something new that really catches the eye. Furthermore Mod “pods” drag S & X are Voopoo of such devices, with its attractive and elegant leather lines. But despite the obvious, what it is new? How do they do that? Let’s delve into the review and to find out more.



Available in Marsala, Brown, carbon, retro, classic, mashup and Galaxy blue.

The contents of the box

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see included with drag X “pods Mod” S & Voopoo.


Voopoo DRAG S

1x Voopoo apparatus DRAG S

DRAG S POD Voopoo 1x 4.5 ml (2 ml TPD)

1x Voopoo PnP-VM1 coil 0.3Ω

1x Voopoo PnP-VM5 coil 0.2Ω

1x Warranty Card

1x USB cable type C

1x user manual

DRAG Voopoo X

1x Voopoo apparatus DRAG X

X POD DRAG Voopoo 1x 4.5 ml (2 ml TPD)

1x Voopoo PnP-VM1 coil 0.3Ω

1x Voopoo PnP-VM6 coil 0.15Ω

1x Warranty Card

1x USB cable type C

1x user manual



Packing for DRAG S & X “Pod Mods” typical of this page Voopoo design setting. In addition, laminated glass includes printing device is closed, and more that are icons detailing some key features of the device is closed. While on the side is an icon of social media and QR codes for technical support, which is always nice to see. In addition to the rear is the contents of the box, contact the Auditor authenticity and health logo and compliance with the government.


The withdrawal of the outer sheath revealed devices DRAG S & X are firmly seated in their overlays. pre-installed and empty sheaths. In addition, the side of the USB cable C “Mod Pod” is rather short, and the coil covered with the manual is on top.


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manufacturing quality


S & DRAG certainly X “Pod Mods” of great Voopoo view, with clean lines and a gun metal finish. It is used to combine the best of water and Voopoo Vinci X in the last “Pod Mods”. Moreover, thanks to the mild refined and ergonomics, which carry control S & X “Pod Mods” felt very balanced and very comfortable in the hand.



In addition to leather patch logo sewn DRAG, it looks very elegant and also provides a better grip on the variants with soft materials. A good finish mods classier Voopoo original path. Also the zinc alloy body with a matte finish used to hide fingerprints so, time providing a very sturdy feel in the hand.




Needless to say, the front fascia closely mimics the original design of DRAG Voopoo mods. In addition, the main body of the lead line chamfered front fascia is a nice touch. Keep part of the original style of the mods vaporizer DRAG in this makeover and retaking modern.


As Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum, the keys are not too audible. But they are sensitive, both DRAG S & X “pods” Mod of Voopoo allegedly fired a 0.001s response. In addition, the shutter button in an ideal position for the thumb to shoot, and the keys have a good command of the distance between them.



Without screen doubt the “screen of 0.96 TFT on both devices are nice and crisp, with a design that is easy to read. Although people with visual impairments may have problems with the readings of the coil and tension. Although the value of the new system takes a bit of fun, and even without geocaching, you are in control of your final score. But for my DRAG X will be replaced by the amount of vaped time amps of battery charging. the idea of people in battery safety and battery time is used up.


Other than that I was not a fan of fashion Voopoo restricted mode smart watts. Especially since few watts rolls, you may want a little more. But this can be avoided using the RBA method instead.


control the air flow


While airflow design is similar to that of a tank. However, the addition of an adjustable flow conditioner in a large capsule type system. Although fully functional, style control ring airflow and feature brand pleasant sight. What it is important when adjusting the remains of the flow of air traffic, although a bit noisy. Also I personally prefer cold spray, enjoyed DRAG S & X “Mod Pod” with wide open air flow.




Part of a single view of DRAG S & X “Pod Mods” is the dome of the pod Voopoo. Rather as a sheath system coils storage tank. Furthermore PCTG shaped pods also held firmly in place by three fixed magnets to cover the intake air flow control. It is important, while the pods are not entirely clear, visibility remains perfect at all times, including low light levels.






Despite having a good joint size of fill hole and silicone safety coupling. The charging time can be annoying as joints and get the coils on the road.


key difference

The first and most obvious difference between Voopoo Too 180w Tc Box Mod is power. While X Drag 18650 is powered by a replaceable battery, the S DRAG not include the internal battery 2500mAh. Therefore, the DRAG X capable of producing power 80W, but surprisingly limited DRAG S 60W.


Second, because the battery is replaced 18650, housing requires a little more space. As the altitude of 8 mm X DRAG drag is greater than S, it does not mean that this is a large sum, but it was noticeable. The third DRAG S presents a method for automatic firing by inhalation. Unfortunately DRAG X does not retain this feature. However, it was very risky, so it is not lost.



The second dimension S & DRAG X “Pod Mods” of Voopoo very similar with only minor differences, such as those listed below.


DRAG S Dimensions

The dimensions of the base to the upper end of which falls DRAG means Voopoo S 87 mm high, has a 28 mm and 33 mm deep from front to back.


DRAG Dimension X

The dimensions of the base to the upper end of which the means drops DRAG Voopoo S 95 mm high, has a 28 mm wide and 32.5 mm deep from front to back.


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While DRAG S & X “Mod Pod” Voopoo offer new features value, but provides less than others in the market. However, the devices offer a simple method just before vaping.


Furthermore DRAG S and P has an automatic mode for the trip device. Therefore, this allows the user vaporizer while pressing the shutter button or just inhale without touching a button. However, the method requires automatic triggering strong enough to breathe fire. Consequently, this reduces the response time. In addition to air flow becomes turbulent little when this method is used in Voopoo Drag Manual, which is a penalty.


Activation of one of the devices is 5 fire button clicks. While 3 clicks inside and outside RBA mode. More pressing the button and control buttons fire and simultaneously to lock the release button to repeat the process.




While DRAG S & X “Mod Pod” Voopoo not offer much in the way of end-user functionality. However, it has some menus, such as reading counter breaths and time.


VW – Intelligent Mode

predetermined set of drag S & X “Pod Mods” of Voopoo, intelligent mode is basically the variable mode Watt. This allows users to adjust the power to improve vaporiser experience. But the maximum power specified by the recommended maximum power of the coils used.


VW – RBA Watt

In the same way that intelligent Watt, the user can adjust the power to suit your personal preferences. But unlike the maximum watts intelligent fashion is not limited by the coil, and is also useful when extra power is desired to the action of the coil.


BREATH – Puff against

Selecting the form of bar charts, 14 days for evaluation puff against maintaining the top and bottom buttons control. In addition, each day a complete cloud shown above each bar when pages through up and down keys.


In addition to puff reset the counter, press and hold the fire button and the same.


Time menu

When you are adjusting the clock time in drag S & X “Pod Mods” refractory, the up and down buttons together to enter the menu.


Battery use


As usual battery life depends on battery capacity and vaped watts. But it also depends on the efficiency of the chip on the motherboard and programming. S & DRAG certainly X “Pod” Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils battery efficiency. In addition, the battery level is indicated on the LCD screen as icons. So similar to mobile phones. But as expected, the short duration of the battery when DRAG X 60 W or more uses. Moreover, it is the same with all the 18650.


Charging the device or by the USB-connector C with a load level of 5 V 2A. However, I can not get Voopoo slide S to charge more than 5V 1.44A.


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replacement spool

Undoubtedly replace DRAG S & X “Pod Mods” nice and easy Voopoo. But you can not change the coil with half or less of the sheath liquid and. Even so, simply unplug the old spool. Prima new coil, maintaining some e-liquid in the coil, and a decrease in each hole wick. Now the new coil will appear to the basket and fill if necessary. In addition to leaving the reel stand for a while to ensure that suitable saturated. In general, I prefer to leave 10-15 minutes, then the vaporizer.


PnP-VM1 Voopoo 0.3Ω reel 32 – 40W


PnP-VM1 0.3Ω coil unchanged and 70VG e-liquid satisfied axis. Unfortunately, it’s not like being chained vaped. But the good news is that you sit in the vaporizer before arriving near halt. In addition, as for the taste PnP VM1 has a good range of flavor profiles with good fruit and pastries.


PnP-VM5 Voopoo 0.2Ω Coil 40 – 60W


eliminating all evidence PnP-VM5 is not a problem, even when starting, this coil suck the juice is very good. On the other hand PnP-VM5 happier when you’re chained vaped. In addition VM5 produce a good variety of flavor profiles. and overall flavor is greater than PnP-VM1. However VM5 still struggling with some caramel tone.


PnP-VM6 Voopoo 0.15Ω reel 60 – 80W


A the axis as in the well-VM5 VM6 PnP PnP. However watt redundant coils recommendation, with most of the loss of 70W. However VM6 produce a better flavor than VM5 especially cream. In addition mint cream is perfect for 45W on the PnP-VM6.


Chipset and Protection


Both S & DRAG X are driven by a new chip set Voopoo GENE.TT that. Will not only make 0.001s reported response time. But the new ranking scores are available. Furthermore chipset GENE.TT provide 7 or 8 levels of protection depending on the model.


Overtime protection – smart protection overtime prevent the spiral spray and cotton were burned.

PROTECTION- short circuit when a short is detected, a change that will protect the battery to prevent the rear circuit.

Overload protection – protection components specific lithium battery, the battery is protected against overcharging and damage.

Protection max energy – appropriate intelligent force and allows them not adjust the strength of the above upper limit, to prevent the coil from burning.

Output overcurrent protection – Intelligent detects the output current, and near the output current when the current exceeds the upper limit.

Shock protection – With protection components battery dedicated lithium battery is protected against battery discharge and danger.

Overheat protection – TC mode ensures mod and batteries work well in a temperature range safety.

But just drag 18650 X with reverse battery protection feature removable battery.


The battery protection Access – With the protection of reverse battery mod will be protected against damage.

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